Appeal of a emergency paramedic: you need to do in case of an emergency, to save lives

From the amazing inability to form rescue streets, emergency paramedic and firefighter Jörg Niessen, sing a sad song. He has twenty years in the service. On FOCUS Online, the paramedics are five vital tips.

1. When you select the emergency call should

About the sense and nonsense of emergency calls have already written a lot. In summary, one can say little: rather once too much than once. Notrufer are in a Situation that takes place outside of your normal experience framework, and because standards and requirements are to estimate heavy. That it comes here and there to unnecessary alarms of the ambulance service, is an open secret, and every professional should know to deal with it. Roughly you can say: Eligible assignments, among other things, accidents that are associated with injuries, heart attacks, strokes or poisoning.

About the guest author

Jörg Niessen was born in 1975 in the Rhineland and came to his civil service over twenty years ago for the rescue service. Today, he works as a professional firefighter and emergency paramedic in North Rhine-Westphalia.

2. The correct number

I have to admit, the concept of emergency law is used inflationary. Felt is now on each of the second truck was an emergency number, for example, in the case of installers for Gas and water, roofers, and even drinks suppliers. Because you can come in for help in/r confusion. Really important is only two emergency numbers: first, the 110 in my eyes. The alarm is useful in hostage name, Bank robberies, and other crimes.

Secondly, the 112 to reach the fire brigade and the rescue service, if there is a fire or someone is in serious medical problems. The least you know, but who has still a place in memory that keeps track of the 116117. Under this nationwide number to reach the doctor on-call service, which is responsible for the small aches and pains in the evening, and the diarrhea on the weekend.

3. A rescue alley form

The term “emergency lane” is currently all the rage, and should actually be each of the traffic participants. Who is on the far left lane, avoiding as far as possible to the left, all others to the right. And driveways are to be kept free. In the driving school, this can be usually taught only in theory, it’s just a lack of practical training possibilities. Maybe it helps, if young mothers and fathers, armed with toy cars, the Situation burn early on to the biological drive of the future licence holder.

4. Rescue streets urban

On each of the second highway bridge, hang a Banner currently with the note to form in the case of a traffic jam an emergency lane. So far so good. Unfortunately, the majority of emergencies happen on the highway or on the road. It’s a lot to ask, and sometimes not easy, but I appeal to every Individual out there to always think about whether rescue services and the fire Department have enough space to provide assistance.

It sounds trite, but also in stationary traffic can decide on a car parked wrong about human life. The fire Department needs unfortunately, large vehicles, to help. Also, the rescue service does not want to fall needlessly to the load – but whether in the pool, in the Restaurant, in the Mall or on the road, we need space to work. In the Other: the more space we have, the faster we are back on the road.

5. Do not adjust rescue workers access

In many stairwells there are conditions that are reminiscent of a course of modern obstacle races. After you’ve climbed in the entrance area, about seven to eight bikes or a stroller, begins a laborious ascent through a dark, narrow chasm. Past question, graffiti is not worthy, always careful to step out of used diapers, it’s time to come for reasons of hygiene, as little as possible with the banister or the walls in contact.

If you leave something in your hallway, please keep in mind that rescue personnel need in case of an emergency place to go to as quickly as possible to the patient.