How to encourage your child to study well?

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The most frequent mistakes of parents

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With the beginning of the school year my parents added problems. Many kids are keen on summer break, I don’t want to go back to school, cramming the books and pass a test. Especially to do it efficiently, getting the “Quartet” and “five”. How to awaken the child’s desire for knowledge? What mistakes mom and dad do most often? Talk about it in this article.

The most frequent mistakes of parents

Remember yourself as a child: do you like to study? Were you to sit at a Desk almost all day? And in the evening when all the walking, teach you “homework”? Congratulations, you’re most likely among those children who are not very loved all of it seemed completely pointless. If you and your parents then wish your child went to “good” and “excellent”. Because the only way he’s going to have a good education, a diploma of the best University, great profession and of course a happy future. It is believed that without good grades, the kind of life the child is able.

And it’s the most common mistake every parent. Children need to develop not only the desire to receive praise (the same “five”), and thirst for learning. Indeed, without this it is difficult to imagine a successful future. It is on the desire to learn something new is being built self-development, and hence a strong personality, which you will of course want to see their children.

To bad marks are not only the errors of the children during homework. Very often the parents themselves are to blame for this phenomenon. The lack of elementary attention to life, the child’s education lead to the fact that he throws the learning process. If parents are not interested in the school, and the child she will carry. Quite often this happens in dysfunctional families where children are left to themselves. Unfortunately, to help solve the situation can only be a specialist. If parents suddenly change their mind and will follow the child when his identity has been formed, it came to nothing lead.

The reverse situation, where mom and dad constantly monitor their children. It is most likely that parents will be disappointed in the view of the Quartet as they impose too high demands on children. Made accusations, curses, quarrels on this ground will not help to rectify the situation with the grades in school. Then the parents making a third mistake – teach homework with the children. It is appropriate only in elementary school. But not so much the execution of tasks for the child, how much help in solving too complex of a job. Otherwise, the child can “sit on the neck”, to press on pity and to say, not capable of solving even elementary. Remember that the child should always learn the lessons on their own, and to seek the assistance of you, the parents, only in a pinch. You do not need to jump into the deep end and declare that today the child decides “homework”. Accustom him to this gradually, starting in the middle of the first class. The student should not wait for mom and dad to work together to take the lessons. In this case, you can of course check the job, but without criticism and corrections to the correct answers. Let the student himself will understand what they need to change. Do not scold him for it, otherwise it will block the craving to do anything at all. Sometimes even are not allowed to point out errors, as this will allow you to develop independence, and “stepping on a rake” in this case it is important.

Quite often the children themselves are unhappy that they are bad students. They try to become better. But with constant accusations, unnecessary control, total desire and requirement of parents to get only the best marks this thirst for knowledge can fade away. So we shouldn’t be annoying to your desire. The child himself must get burned for “three” or “two”, he want to prove he’s better. Only through a painful experience this might be possible.

Psychologists recommend

We have collected the most effective methods that will allow you, as parents, encourage the child to study. It is noteworthy that this is not just one piece of advice for the day. An integrated approach is needed that will allow the baby from the first days of thirst to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Most often, parents choose the incentive system, so that the child studied well. “Finish the quarter without three buy you bike,” “you Get an a on my test, go to the amusement Park”. Familiar, isn’t it? On the one hand, this is the right approach, because good work should be rewarded. On the other, you can become a hostage situation and be trapped. For example, by the time the end of the quarter, you may not have the required amount of money to buy the promised Bicycle. Children remember broken promises, so it is not necessary to ensure that you will not be able to do. In addition, the child gets used to do good only for the “premium” strap and each year will be higher and higher.

Also, do not promise the child a good education and paid work if he will study well. You understand that higher education does not guarantee a happy future. Need to motivate and interest the child with a few other things. Do not give guarantees, but obrasovanie perspectives, with an emphasis on the fact that all the best is achieved with incredible difficulty. And, maybe, some luck.

It is worth noting that small children to motivate easier. For example, explaining that learning to write, he can write letters to Santa Claus or a favorite hero cartoons or films. However, in his promises and motivations, again, it is important not to fool the child.

Third, be sure to praise your child for any, even small successes. Do not compare a kid or teenager with a girlfriend (friend), son or daughter, a neighbor, yourself, in the end. “Here I learned better!” – this phrase will subconsciously put pressure on the child, not allowing him to go his own way. No need to utter such a reproach. After all, the story of your success you can tell absolutely differently, so that the child himself wanted to be better.

Your child needs to bring a sense of responsibility for everything he does. Most often this is what will guarantee his success in life. It should be remembered that the child will not do what you expect. Poumerte fervor and our own expectations, encouraging in trying to do something yourself – then everything will go like clockwork.

Be sure to teach your child to follow through. This applies, moreover, not only studies. Not necessary, of course, too much to push words, like: “Until it’s done, you don’t eat”, but to show extreme softness to anything. So the child will grow restless, and it doesn’t benefit anyone.

Never frighten the child. For example, punishments. Because of the fear of getting a belt in a soft place children begin to experience an aversion to learning, the school, then parents.

As you have probably understood, the child’s learning process is closely linked to your ability to learn to motivate him. You must grow together with their children, including in educational terms. Learn how to find the approach to your son or daughter engage his school and the problems with how to get him to learn, will never occur.