How to wear heels without harm to health

“Sex and the city” taught us that heels you can walk not only to the party, but in the cafes and shopping and even a walk with the dog. Here only doctors from this trend is not happy. Tell how to preserve your health, if at heart you are a little Carrie Bradshaw.

1. Choose a low heel

Yes, we know it looks not so impressive. But still: doctors consider safe wide heel height 4-5 cm. He does not give such a strong load on the foot. While the shoes must be wide and stable sole.

If you wear low heels no desire, choose a platform higher up. For example, if you have 12-cm heel and 2 cm of this height of platform, the heel turns of 10 cm.

2. To change the height

High heels shorten the gastrocnemius and overextend the muscles. And the front of the Shin muscle, by contrast, are stretched – as a result the musculature of the foot develops correctly. To avoid this, at least 3 days a week wear something with flat soles. It is best to alternate shoes, so that his feet were not all the time in the same position.

3. Buy shoes late in the day

The legs are a little swollen for the day, so by the evening your feet could increase by offers half the size. It’s time to go shopping – so you buy the right size and at the same time to check: are you comfortable to be in those shoes at the end of the day, when legs are tired? Perhaps you should buy heel lower and postitive?

4. Purchase orthopedic insoles

They slightly reduce the load on the front part of the foot and make shoes more comfortable. Open sandals have a special gel liners: they help the feet not to slide.

5. Exercise

You can stretch your legs before leaving the house and in the evening after a day in heels. But, if possible, better to do it every couple of hours.

Remember the exercises you did in the lessons of physical culture at school: walking on the heels, on the outer and on the inner side of the foot, rolling from the toe to the heel, stretching. Not be amiss and massage: manual or using special devices as you like. But if you sit in the office, you can just roll under the table with a bottle of water or a ball.

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