How to gain weight

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Do you need to gain weight?

How to gain weight?

What should be my workout?

How to eat to gain weight right?

At that time, while the girls persistently get rid of excess weight, boys on the contrary want to gain it back. This is a huge problem for many young people. For men is considered normal to have a higher weight, otherwise they will look like skeletons. But broad-shouldered and handsome guy can be a great protection of the family and loved ones.

Mostly the problem of weight gain for young men who have just become men. They are just starting to visit the gym, pay attention to the correctness of his diet. Of course, it is impossible to do without theoretical knowledge about how to gain weight. This is what we will tell you in this article.

Do you need to gain weight?

To understand whether you need to gain weight, you should pay attention to several factors. Thus, the thin nature of the bone and the diameter of the wrist under 17.5 cm said that the low weight is your innate quality, which is difficult to change. If you suddenly started to gain weight, then it is a sure sign that your body is something went wrong, probably broken metabolism. This in turn may lead to severe diseases, for example diabetes.

So harsh and incorrect principle set weight, even if you do it intentionally, can be the reason for these changes in the body. Consider whether the weight gain at this price? You have to understand that for too thin people weight should increase to a maximum of 10 pounds, otherwise it will be a serious problem. However, it is possible to gain weight correctly, and then the damage to your health will not.

It is also worth to mention Teens with a little weight. You need to understand that in 15-17 years old boys have not yet formed until the end, so it is normal that the weight has not yet reached its proper level. First, boys grow bones in length, and only then, gaining fat and muscle mass. You can wait a few years until the weight does not reach itself. But the process can be accelerated and, most importantly, to do it right.

Under excessive thinness in men is considered to be weight less than 55 kg at growth of 180 centimeters. If your wrist circumference less than 15-16 inches in this case, the weight can be considered correct. In any case it is impossible for you to decide whether you need to increase your muscle mass and weight. This is a purely individual matter. But in order to understand this, you should ask yourself a couple questions. For example, why do you need it? Set a goal to confidently go forward only on the basis of the answer to this question. There is also such a thing as body mass index. The formula is: weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. Norm is a digit in the range of 18.5 to 25. If your BMI is normal, the desire to gain weight should border on just need to be stronger, more solid, more prominent.

How to gain weight?

When people in an evil form comes to the coach-nutritionist, advise him to start there are many to gain weight. Is it right? Of course not! You can’t just pick up and start eat a lot in order to gain weight. As mentioned above, most likely, you will only gain extra health problems. The same applies to the increase in the ration of sweet and starchy products.

Surely, you have even tried to do so, to gain weight, but no result happened. The fact that this is not the right approach. Because skinny people are entirely different metabolism that any amount of food goes into fat and helps to gain weight. Fat people’s dream to eat without gaining weight, but there is nothing to envy from a large number of sweets in the blood becomes poor, contaminating the end products of metabolism. If all fat goes fat, then thin — poisons the blood.

However, something can help to gain weight correctly. We need to apply a heavy anaerobic workout. They will stimulate muscle growth will start the anabolic processes in the body. This will help to stimulate the growth and fat layer. This will not be the burden which occurs when uncontrolled and not properly weight gain.

The number of workouts per week should reach 3-4. They should spend about one hour. Other days, free from physical exertion, you must rest, lie down. Because muscle mass and therefore weight, will not grow during training, and in recreation. People who want to gain weight properly, you should abandon cardio loads, long swim, run and so on. Because these types of exercises only to reduce weight.

Of course, the issue of weight plays a great influence on the power. It should not be uncontrolled, it should not be junk food and so on. It would be correct to calculate calorie intake per day, add to it 10-20% and slowly but surely gain weight.

What should be my workout?

Heavy exercises involve working both the joints and muscles. For example, squats with barbell or heavy dumbbells, deadlifts, bench press, dips with weights. They include anabolic processes in the body and increase the release of testosterone, which raises the muscles. Exercises for biceps, triceps, abs, shoulders and lower leg are not able to start the process, so they can even refuse. So, in power sports (bodybuilding, powerlifting) use only heavy exercises that are considered basic in order to gain weight. Also one of the best exercises to gain weight are squats, the second place is deadlifts. They are able to pump the legs, buttocks, arms and back. You can also add bench press, dips. Each exercise should be done 3-4 approach.

More frequent workouts designed for professional bodybuilders that use anabolic steroids. But we know that they are only harmful to health, so you should not get involved in such quick and easy methods that will help you to gain weight. Optimally and correctly to buy a subscription to a gym where there is all necessary equipment. Rest between sets should be 3-5 minutes, no need to force yourself to torture your own heart. The weight should be such that in each approach to perform 8-12 repetitions. Every last repeat will be very hard. In this case, the training will take 50-60 minutes.

In the first months may gain only five pounds. But people with good genetics limit may be a set of 20 kilograms. However, this is not possible in one year.

How to eat to gain weight right?

Food in any case plays a big role in order to gain weight correctly. It’s important for health. To gain weight you should add to your diet even one meal. Or you can apply another method — to eat more at a time, to add to the usual techniques.

Quite often people are advised to consume more protein, but it is recommendations invented by the sellers and marketers of sports nutrition. They believe in the power loads, the amount of energy to spend too much that without additional fuel the man can not get the right amounts of protein. This is not so. If you eat properly and balanced, the protein and other supplements you do not need. We know also that too much food disrupts pishevarenie, leading to gastritis and liver problems.

A large number of workouts will increase the appetite. Your body will require porridge and meat. So you just need to follow a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. You should not abuse flour and sweet products. The basis of the diet — porridge, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

You should not make a cult out of food and sportpit. The main thing is to gain weight correctly — balanced diet and heavy training.