Cucumber — a storehouse of vitamins and useful properties

Cucumbers should be included in the diet of each person, experts believe. After all, they have a beneficial effect on the body, as they contain a large amount of useful vitamins and substances. Read more about the benefits of cucumber, read the material.

The composition of cucumbers

Cucumbers are 96 percent water, but it is not just the liquid, and extremely useful. Because structured water cucumber cleanses the kidneys and removes harmful toxins, salts of heavy metals and toxins. The calorie content of them is extremely small — only 16 calories per 100 grams. They are a perfect dietary product. The composition also includes:

  • Folic acid;
  • Nicotinic acid;
  • Pantothenic acid;
  • Thiamine;
  • Beta carotene;

In addition, cucumbers have a huge number of vitamins and minerals: C, A, E, K, calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, chlorine, iodine, chrome, sodium and magnesium.

Among the vegetables in the cucumber contains higher amount of fiber, dietary fiber have mild effects on cleansing the bowel, do not cause discomfort, but also improve the motility and peristalsis.

Use cucumbers

Due to the high content of nutrients cucumbers are able to maintain health in normal. For example, cucumbers are the defenders against cancer, vitamin K has a beneficial effect on bone health, and potassium can protect against heart and vascular diseases.

No less useful these vegetables for the nervous system, as it supports brain health, digestive and kidney, have a positive effect on the endocrine system, preventing the development of diabetes. Cucumbers are not prohibited for pregnant women because they strengthen the body, and the woman does not get fat. The same can be said about a person who sits on the diet and adheres to proper nutrition. Since the calorie content is extremely small, even a pound of vegetable is not going to hurt the figure. Importantly, to comply with the measure in everything, including eating cucumbers.

By regular consumption of cucumbers can improve the condition of your thyroid and prevent the formation of plaque on the walls of blood vessels. Thus, it is excellent affects the health of the heart and blood vessels.

It should be noted that cucumbers help enhance the absorption of a protein meal. Therefore, meat is always served these vegetables. Fresh cucumbers will be a great tool to protect against diseases of the cardiovascular system and digestive tract. They have two excellent effects: a diuretic and choleretic. Don’t forget about the laxative effect, which renders this vegetable. People who suffer from chronic constipation simply vital to include cucumber in your regular diet. Because the fiber acts gently on the bowels and removes excess cholesterol, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. Cucumbers help to get rid of the swelling.

Fresh cucumbers can narisovatj acid compounds, which contribute to disruption of metabolic processes and lead to the deposition of salts and aging.

Have useful properties, cucumber juice and pulp of cucumber. They contribute to beautiful skin and hair, if you use them correctly. So cucumber can help in removing freckles, whitening skin, anti inflammation, rashes, and excessive oiliness.

In addition, we must remember that the beneficial properties apply only to fresh cucumbers grown in the garden. But pickled and salted vegetables are not affected.


However, cucumbers do not eat some people — those who suffer from hyperacidity. Among the contraindications are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. People with gastritis, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and gastric ulcer is to give them up forever. Especially the damage may occur in exacerbations, nephritis and other kidney diseases.

If cucumbers contain nitrates (that is, they are grown out of season), then it is possible food poisoning. There are persistent symptoms that say about such bad cucumbers. They have very shiny skin. This suggests that cucumber contains nitrates and other chemicals. So you need to pay attention to what you take in the store.

How to eat cucumbers

There are a number of rules that should be consumed cucumbers. So, early vegetables should always peel, because it has the greatest concentration of harmful substances. Must deny the tips of the cucumbers on both sides — cut two to three inches. In addition, cucumbers can not have children under the age of three years.

How to store cucumbers

Cucumbers are tasty and juicy a few days, and then lose their moisture. However, you can remedy this situation if properly stored vegetables. If you buy cucumbers, then take the elastic and solid, as they are more likely to preserve the freshness. As for soft vegetables, they are already corrupted and you can not find the former appearance and taste.

No need to take too many pickles, if you are soon going to prepare the salad one piece. Otherwise, they will deteriorate, and you won’t be able to do with them.

Storing cucumbers should only be in the fridge. You can also put them in cold water to preserve their freshness. Only required each day to change the water, otherwise the cucumbers will spoil. It is important not to expose your cucumbers to direct sunlight. In the refrigerator vegetables can be stored up to one week, but it is important not to tie tight package. If you do not give them to breathe, they just start to go South and spoil the look and taste.

Note that the shelf life of pickles depends on the kind and even season. For example, winter and spring vegetables can be stored a week, but those grown in the home garden in the summer, can keep the freshness much less. As a rule, the more natural the fruit, the less time of their time.

Ideally it is better to create a special rack for storage of cucumbers. Especially if you keep them in large numbers.