Birthmark and Mole removal: the options there are

Many patients have expressed a desire for aesthetic reasons, to let a birthmark or liver spot removal – in some cases, this is also medically advisable. What methods are used.

Formation and expression of liver spots and birthmarks

From a medical point of view it is in the case of liver spots, and moles (nevi), benign growths of the skin. These so-called nevi can occur in a variety of variations:

  • Pigment spots appear as brownish to almost black points on the surface of the skin. They are caused by the excessive proliferation of pigment forming cells. The nevus spilus a larger brownish appears skin stain with numerous darker sprinkling.
  • Nävuszellnävi appear in childhood as a simple liver-spots before they develop to paint in puberty, raised liver spots, and finally, to skin-coloured semi-spherical nut.
  • Spitz nevi develop relatively rapidly and form reddish-brownish, hemispherical nodules. In contrast to other nuts, these are not hairy paint.
  • Blood sponge or capillary hemangiomas appear as bright red raised on the skin surface.

Liver spots, and birthmarks are usually due to genetically, they are from birth or develop in childhood or adolescence. Hormonal can also form during pregnancy new nevi. In later years, in particular the increased exposure to UV radiation leads to the formation of pigment spots.

To The Person

Henning Freiherr von Gregory is a plastic surgeon. He is the owner of a private practice for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive nasal and facial surgery in Berlin.

When is it medically advisable to have mole or liver spot removal?

Just on the face, neck, décolleté or hands many people feel that the liver spots and birthmarks as an aesthetic Problem. If you want to for cosmetic reasons to remove a birthmark should not be afraid to consult a dermatologist.

In some cases, it is indicated, however, medically, to have a mole removed: Certain variations, the precursor for the emergence of black skin cancer (Malignant melanoma). An example of this is the especially in the elderly, occurring in Lentigo maligna – a UV-radiation-induced change in the skin cells, which is used as a black-brown mole with a blurred edge is not visible and to develop a Tumor.

In order to detect malignant changes as early as possible, we recommend regular participation in skin cancer Screening, from the age of 35. Year will be refunded in Two-year rhythm of the statutory health insurance funds.

Birthmark and Mole removal with a scalpel, radio-frequency Cutter or Laser

The classical procedure to remove moles or liver spots, is the excision, so the surgical cutting Out of the affected skin area. This method is recommended in cases of suspected malignant skin lesions, the removed tissue can then be a possible tumor of the indicators examined. The wound is then sutured and a sterile patch is supplied.

Raised or wart-like moles can also be by cauterization removed. This is done by using a radio frequency cutter that has a fine, due to electric current heated wire loop or forceps. The Cutter cuts off the excess fabric on the surface of the skin and closes at the same time, the vessels in the severed blood.

Also, the Laser can be used. The high-frequency laser light burns the tissue to be removed. A subsequent histological examination using this method, however, is not possible. The wound can dry in the air, then a scab, which falls off after about two weeks. In addition, the skin area needs to be protected for several weeks against the sun.

Birthmark on face removal is a scar?

A common concern of many patients is that the Removal of the nevus on the face, a scar remains. This fear, however, is in most cases unfounded: thanks to precise incision in the skin tension lines, and a wound closure by means of multi-layer intracutaneous sutures very inconspicuous scars in the normal case – this also applies to the above-described laser treatment of birthmarks in the face and neck area.

Removal is done under local anesthesia

The surgical removal of moles is always done under local anesthesia. Due to the local anaesthetic the Patient feels no pain. After the disappearance of anesthesia, it may lead to a slight Pain that subsides after a few days.

The cost of

Whether the cost of Removing a birthmark or liver spot will be taken over by the health insurance Fund, depends on whether the intervention is medically indicated or not:

The doctor needs to remove the birthmark or liver spot, because of the suspicion of skin cancer, the costs of the intervention from the health insurance Fund. Both the SURGERY itself as well as the subsequent histological examination of the removed tissue.

In the case of a purely cosmetic procedure, the Patient must pay for the intervention itself. How high are the costs for the Removal of the nevus and liver spots are depends on the size and Position, but especially from the number of to remove moles.

If you draw the removal of a liver spot or a mole for cosmetic reasons, you should not make the decision for a practice, however, the price Here is worth it to choose a specialist and experienced doctor in order to achieve an aesthetically favorable result.