Forget exotic Superfood! Domestic products are better and cheaper

Currently can be heard everywhere from the beautiful effect of trendy Superfoods like Acai berries or Quinoa. However, before you get an expensive exotic seeds or fruits from afar, treat yourself to prefer healthy home-grown food with the same health effect.

Blue sky, bright sunshine, not even a Photography clouds in sight. I am sitting in the morning at ten relaxed in a Café in the Park and löffle relish my Chia Pudding with Acai powder. In front of me on the table is a Matcha Smoothie that I SIP from time to time back to SIP through a straw.

I lean back and am highly satisfied. Besides the delicious taste I got at the same time, the soothing feeling of doing my body something Good.

Really? Or, tell us the Marketing experts of the food industry?

To The Person

Urs Marti is a Blogger and author on the subject of food. He loves to cook. Because the time is now scarce, he has focused on quick recipes. In his Blog, he regularly presents new recipes. He was formerly a Baker and a cook in the Swiss army.

What is it about the myth of the Superfood?

Superfoods are mostly plant-based foods that have substances by nature a high content of nutrients, enzymes and secondary plant. A scientifically accepted Definition, there is not. The Name suggests that these foods are better and healthier than others.

So you are supposed to help with chronic inflammation such as Arthritis, stroke protect, detoxify the body and we enter against Stress-resistant. This sounds promising, but in the end, especially the food industry uses the term sent as a marketing tool. Meanwhile, around 25 percent of the German-speaking consumers, their food with Superfood to enrich.

And, although the “health promoter” have sometimes exorbitant prices. For the health we do almost everything. However, the fruits and seeds are actually so healthy?

The media are louder than the science

Scientifically-based evidence for the healing power of Superfood are rar. Although there are a few studies in which researchers examined the individual ingredients and positive health effects could be detected. Unfortunately, it is often left to the animal or cell experiments.

However, the Problem is, we eat the whole food and not just a substance extracted out of it. Therefore, it cannot be concluded from single results automatically on the total product. Also in human studies, a few participants are in most cases no verifiable conclusions.

Superfood: well traveled and rarely natural

A further disadvantage of the super fruits is located in the long distance transport. Just a few Superfoods to cope with our climate and must be transported from afar. Therefore, one gets the fruits also rarely fresh, but heavily processed as a powder or in capsule form. The nutrient content is, however, questionable. To do this, you know very little about the growing conditions on-site. The pollutant load of Goji berries from China by plant protection products was in studies is striking. With Bio-Ware is advised as better.

Real power packs or air but only numbers?

Undoubtedly, many Superfoods contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and phytochemicals. These protect, for example, the body from harmful free Radicals. Of course, our organism is happy about the Abundance of positive ingredients. Against natural fruits or seeds with a high nutrient content is objectionable from the point of view of nutritional science, nothing. To tickle the taste buds with a new taste experience, is a wonderful thing.

However, in order to eat healthy and all the required nutrients, you don’t need plants from distant continents.

Exotic Superfoods and their domestic competitors

The miracle of plants does not need to be from all over the world imported. Because in our case there are Superfoods, and we know them all been around for decades. You probably had a plate each, even more than once on the. They offer, as well as the expensive and advertised by migrants, a cornucopia of nutrients.

Acai berries are the fruits of the Brazilian açai palm. They contain a lot of anthocyanins, Omega fatty acids, and Magnesium and are considered to be Slimming. You can by flax seeds, sunflower seeds or rapeseed oil replace. The Magnesium will get you by the oatmeal, blueberries, or wild garlic.

Moringa is a tree in Africa or India is growing. Be a powerhouse of nutrients Vitamin E and C, folic acid and zinc is remarkable. With us growing Alternatives hazelnuts and Cabbage (Vitamin E), parsley and horseradish (Vitamin C), Kale, and cherries (folic acid) as well as nuts, lentils, and oatmeal (zinc).

Schisandra is a climbing Plant with red berries. The plug-in ends of the flavonoids found in red wine, grapes, eggplant, Apples, and Kale. In addition, there are also many representatives that contain Vitamin A, C, B6 (e.g., green bean and lettuce), and E, calcium and Magnesium.

Quinoa is a pseudo cereal and is also the rice of the Incas or Peru rice. It is rich in protein and contains Magnesium and iron. Millet can keep up with a Serving of vegetables loosely with the exotic counterpart.

Chia seeds from the homonymous Plant native to Latin America are rich in fiber, contains valuable Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E. flax seed, Apples, tomatoes, rosehips, and sea buckthorn have similar nutrient densities.

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Goji berries, wolf berries, due to their high Vitamin C content and Abundance of protein as an Anti-Aging agent. The shrub grows in us and is called the Goji. Replaced the berries can be by chestnuts, local Berries, and sea buckthorn.

The pomegranate is not a huge Rarity, because he has in the German-speaking supermarkets long ago. Nevertheless, he, too, is due to its significant content of calcium, potassium, and iron as a Superfood. Good Alternatives are raspberries, broccoli, mushrooms, Watercress, arugula, or lentils, and white beans.