6 signs of schizophrenia you need to know about

According to the SMRC of psychiatry named V. P. Serbskiy, almost half a million Russians – schizophrenics. Often the symptoms of the disease appear between 15 and 30 years old, but in the beginning may be easily confused with a teenage crisis, or just a complex character.

Than before to calculate a disease, the more chances to save a life. Tell them what symptoms you should consult a doctor.

1. Obsession with the supernatural

Someone suddenly and passionately interested in religion, mysticism or the esoteric? Maybe he’s just trying to reconcile imagination with reality, to somehow explain to myself what is happening.

At first the patient could only slightly move away from real life, but over time, perhaps a full immersion in the crazy ideas. If a person says that they control the unknown forces using rays, radiation or witchcraft, this is a very alarming symptom.

2. Indifference

Schizophrenia often begins with a “sense of stupidity”. The patient ceases to feel emotions even to the most close people: parents, partner, children. Appears misdirected anger, irritation, aggression. At the same time the person continues adequately to communicate with people, relationships that do not require spiritual proximity: colleagues, friends, neighbors.

Gradually he may start to miss school, work, family holidays. Lose interest in Hobbies, delicious food and even appearance. The patient ceases to wash, to shave, to wash clothes – nothing ever touches him.

3. Hallucinations

70% of schizophrenics are auditory hallucinations – the voices in my head. Sometimes these disorders can lead to confusing thoughts, problems with concentration, memory lapses. The patient may even seem that his thoughts belong to him. Which was inspired by witchcraft or secret technology.

4. Insomnia

Schizophrenics are always tense: they don’t trust anyone and all the time feel threatened. People with this disorder can feel that everything was made for him. Everywhere signs and secret messages. Even passers-by – not real, but simply play out a scene. And for all you need to follow, so the patient not to sleep.

5. Derealization and depersonalization

A person with schizophrenia disturbed perception of themselves and reality. The whole world seems unreal, like a dream. At the initial stage the patient can understand what is happening something strange.

6. Strange movement

Very active facial expressions, twitching of corners of mouth, hands and feet, slow blinking – all this can give schizophrenia. But then you need to understand that the unusual facial expressions can be a person from birth – and there are no signs of the disease. Important only those cases in which it appeared suddenly.

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