Dangerous beauty: what you need to know before getting a tattoo

So, you’ve decided to get a tattoo. Or just thinking about how beautiful it would look a picture on your back. Or you don’t like at all the palm trees, cats and characters, but the eyebrows would significantly ease your life? In any case, in order not to harm the health, read the advice of doctors before you go “under the needle”.

1. The coloring pigment may cause a severe allergic reaction.

If you have any allergies or skin disorders, consult a dermatologist. Especially dangerous for people with allergies masters consider red-and-yellow colors of ink. Before your procedure you be asked to enter under the skin, a drop of the substance. If during the day, the skin will react, then you can beat a tattoo.

The pigments need to pay special attention because they are not considered drugs. Inks for tattoos are not controlled by the health authorities and are not in any research. In some defective ink even contains particles of toxic plastic that can cause hormone disorders, liver disease and cancer. The authority of the master and the test punctures will save you from such problems.

2. The salon must be licensed, masters – secondary medical education, and you – confidence in their reputation.

Corny, but it’s important rule for your safety. Tattooing is a complete medical procedure in which the damaged top layer of skin. Some argue that in the 21st century non-sterile equipment at a tattoo parlour – this is nonsense. And yet, when it comes to HIV, hepatitis C and impetigo (pustular skin disease), safety would be superfluous. These diseases most often are transmitted by poor standards of hygiene. Pamela Anderson in 2002, contracted hepatitis C from her ex-husbandwhen they did a tattoo one needle.

Before the procedure, make sure that needle is sterile, clean work area, and the master washed my hands with soap and wearing gloves. He should tell you about everything that will be used in the work, including paint (manufacturer and batch number). And don’t forget that a fresh tattoo is an open wound present. Follow all recommendations for care.

3. Scientists do not recommend that women do tattoos on the lower back.

And there is no discrimination. The fact is that during labor sometimes use epidural anesthesia. During this procedure an anesthetic is injected straight into the spinal cord through an incision in the lower back: as a result of the woman remains conscious but feels no pain below the belt. Epidural anesthesia is safe for the baby, but there are risks to the health of the mother, though small.

If the puncture has a tattoo in the spinal cord can get paint particles or bacteria, listed under the skin in the tattoo parlor. Even the most experienced anesthesiologists may be reluctant to deal with such patients due to a too high responsibility. So if you are planning to give birth to, for a drawing it is better to choose a different part of the body.

4. Display tattoos are difficult and painful, and the skin will never look like before.

When tattoo removal risks no less than in their use: possible infections, allergies, and scars. If the tattoo is black and not color, to make it easier. But delete to end still almost impossible.There are three main methods: surgery (removal of skin), dermabrasion (scraping off the skin with a diamond cutter) and laser (destruction of pigment light emission). The most modern and effective is considered the last method. He does not break the skin, therefore, displays a tattoo is relatively painless and puts infections. Fully large or colored pictures, he will not be removed, but the scars will not leave. However, there is not without exception: much depends on your skin, durability of the ink and masters.

And yet these procedures have contraindications: epilepsy, pregnancy, cancer and cardiovascular disease. So if you are not sure what you want to see your body in the same pattern until the end of his days, it is better to leave the skin clean. By the way, what do you think of the tattoo, trying to come up most often? Right, with the names of former sweethearts.

And, just in case, be warned: all the tips and life hacks on the Internet on how to remove tattoos at home – it’s barbaric. Completely useless and dangerous. Rubbing in a figure salt or potassium permanganate, you will ruin the leather so that no master then, will not undertake to withdraw her tattoo.

5. Sunbathing will be more difficult.

Tattoos are sensitive to sun rays. Even a small dose of ultraviolet radiation can cause burns, especially if the figure is yellow or red. Therefore, tattoo is better to choose a site which is rarely in the sun. And even avoid places where there are moles, otherwise will increase the risk to miss time melanoma.

6. The day before the session do not drink alcohol, take drugs and medicines.

Alcohol accelerates the movement of blood, so the wound will take longer to bleeding and slower to heal. But if the wound heal for a long time, so the chance to scar increases dramatically. Better drink more water: hydrated skin better absorbs the ink, and the whole process is simplified.

Do not eat foods that thin the blood (lactic acid, vinegar, pickling, cranberry, Apple or grape juices) the day before a session and do not take aspirin to increase bleeding.

And eat a full Breakfast before the session to avoid dizziness. The pain can be strong enough, better not to complicate the situation by fainting.