You are bitten by a dog: what to do?

Dogs are smart and kind animals, here only not all know how to handle them. Do not tease dogs, not to try to get into their territory, do not pursue, do not cry, do not touch their food and puppies, and don’t run near them. Animals will regard it as aggression and will defend itself. Well, if the dog has already attacked you, exactly follow our instructions:

Situation 1: You played with the dog, and she grabbed you with her teeth. No blood, but you’re covered in saliva

Don’t worry, you will not get sick. Then thoroughly wash hands with soap and water and wash clothing, if saliva was able to get it. In any case do not touch the face, wounds, scratches, and mucous membranes.

Situation 2: You are bitten by your dog, and you’re sure she’s completely healthy

  1. Thoroughly rinse and disinfect the wound and then cover with a clean bandage. If after 15 minutes the bleeding does not stop, call an ambulance.
  2. Go to the nearest emergency room at any time of the day. Only a doctor will be able to properly assess risk and assign treatment. Bring your medical records or at least tell us verbally what shots and when they did.
  3. Watch the wound: if there is pus, the skin around it is red, increased body temperature or the joint becomes difficult to move, you need to see a surgeon.

Situation 3: You are bitten by someone else’s dog. Or licked, and her saliva got into your mouth, on mucous membranes or on a wound.

  1. Ask the owner to show a veterinary certificate. There should be a mark on that dog in the last year vaccinated against rabies.
  2. Vaccinations if not, ask the owner to check the dog for rabies at the vet. The quarantine lasts for 10 days: if during this time the animals will be fine, you’ll do less vaccinations.
    If the dog was rabid, you will have 3 months to do 5-6 injections. To skip and ignore the advice of a doctor is impossible, otherwise the vaccine won’t work.

Situation 4: You are bitten by a stray dog.

  1. Remember the following information: looks like an animal, behaves as if he has signs of the disease, is there a dog collar, why and where it bit you.
  2. If the damage is not severe, treat the wound. The bites of stray animals – the most dangerous, so it should be washed intensively for 10 minutes. Deep wounds can be rinsed with a jet of soapy water with a syringe. Then immediately go to the emergency room.
  3. If the wound is serious, immediately call an ambulance.

If a dog is proper, no harm it will not cause. On the contrary, pet owners are 15-20% less likely to get sick. More details in article “How Pets improve our health?”.