Why the cure didn’t work? 5 mistakes you could make

To the drug worked, it is necessary not only to appoint, but also the right to take. Tell you what mistakes are most frequent patients.

1. Receiving incompatible medications

And this is a serious problem in medicine. Different drugs in the body begin to interact, and not always the consequences of the response are well studied.

The more drugs you drink, the higher the risk: receiving three drugs in 18% of cases, causes side effects. If drugs 5 and more, the risk increases to 50% if 10 – 100%. Incompatibility can manifest itself in different ways: from reduced effectiveness of drugs before poisoning with lethal outcome. Especially dangerous is pills “by the handful”: if the doctor has not given you specific instructions on between taking drugs should take at least 30-60 minutes.

And Yes, dietary Supplements and vitamin complexes can also react: with each other and with drugs. Don’t forget to tell the doctor about ALL the medicines you take.

2. Reducing dosage

“Head hurts, but it seems not much. Why the grass a pill? Drink a half” – a familiar train of thought? If so, you can get the opposite effect. A half dosage is not enough to relieve the pain, but the body will still have to process the medication.

There are such situations: parents buy the child an antipyretic, and then they themselves get sick and start drinking kids drug. But adults and children need different dosages, so this treatment will be ineffective.

3. The destruction of the shell

Sometimes patients want to save money on medication and buy the largest dosage. And then divide the tablet or capsule into several parts.

But a shell for the majority of drugs do not just. It can protect the medicine from gastric juice: so the active substance will reach the desired on the whole. Or Vice versa: the shell protects the stomach from harmful drugs. And sometimes, the active substance should be released gradually, and then the protective film is “released” it in small doses.

4. Inconsistent drinks

If the user is no indication in this account, the medicine have to drink only water. Coffee, tea, juice, juice, soda – all of which can react with the drug. And, of course, no medication you cannot mix with alcohol.

Details talking about this in the article “Incompatible drugs and drinks”.

5. Incorrect method of use

Chewing do not swallow the tablet whole, and the drug to dissolve – to bite. If you do, dose of active ingredient may be severely reduced or, conversely, to increase dramatically.