The sex of the future: how technology will change our relationship

Sex evolyutsioniruet together with humanity, but he’s still far from perfect. STDs, unplanned pregnancies, the need to seek a partner and to reckon with his desires to win the science all these problems?

1. To make love will be at a distance

Brighten up separation love will help costumes sverkhprovodniki virtual reality: they will simulate touch. However, it can be used not only for sex, but hugging or stroking. Yes, even in the palms.

2. Appears sex robots

In General, to have sex with a robot and now, but while that is some pretty shady stuff. Visitors to Russia’s first brothel with puppets emerge from the institution with vague impressions: “babe” is heavy and unwieldy, the body of their cold joints are badly bent, and the skin feels rubbery.

But in the future things will change, puppet will make it more natural, will teach you how to react to affection and will add intelligence. If suddenly after sex you want to talk about this and that. Some researchers even believe that by 2050 people will fall in love with robots and treat them as full partners.

3. Porn almost cease to differ from reality

Canadian science fiction author Robert Sawyer promises that pornography will go to a completely different level. You can scan the body of a Hollywood star and place it on top of the porn star movement. And video glasses combined with a brain implant will make it so that you will have a perfectly reasonable sex. Don’t even have to limit yourself to the human race: it is possible to recreate on screen the way, say, elf or hobbit.

4. We will be able to choose their own erogenous zones

Neurologist sandy stone of the University of Texas sure that very soon her colleagues will be able to artificially create erogenous zones in any part of the body. No operation, only one hormonal injection.

Originally the technology was conceived in order to solve the problem of the disabled, restricted in getting orgasms. But the prospect of a future invention is much broader: “can you Imagine the lovers on the bus simply touch the elbows and unnoticeable for outsiders to reach the highest pleasure!” says Dr. stone.

5. Monogamy will disappear (but not exactly)

Scientists promise to increase the life expectancy of 100-120 years, and it will be a blow to a monogamous relationship. According to forecasts, people will switch to the mode of marriages by duration 3-7 years (this trend exists now). Over 120 years of mini-marriages a person will have so much that we begin to perceive the separation as something natural and logical.

However, not everyone agrees. Experts from the UK and the USA stated that monogamous marriage will soon take over the world and finally displace polygamy. Yes, and most scientists believe that monogamy is natural and inevitable from the point of view of evolution. Otherwise we would not have a socially organized beings.

6. Orgasm will happen out of my head literally

Imagine: you in the brain implanted electrode, press the button… And you get an orgasm! However, the rats 1953 showed that it was so-so invention: rodent, which connected the electrode in the pleasure center, was literally orgasmoral himself to death. The animal refused to eat and drink, but only sting and sting the button.

7. Despite all this diversity, we will have sex less and less

And it’s not only in high technology. Now, every generation in developed countries is having sex less and less. According to scientists, to blame the dependence on gadgets, chronic stress and the epidemic of depression.

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