To beat jetlag is impossible, but there is a solution

There is no way to avoid jetlag. This daily sleep – the worst thing you can come up with to counter this phenomenon.

The syndrome of jet lag or jetlag is a reality for millions of people who fly long distances. Their bodies have become accustomed to a certain schedule of sleeping and waking up, but suddenly they find themselves in that place where in a familiar evening time there comes a morning, or Vice versa. As a result, the breaking of the body and reconfigure it for a new routine. Even worse, if a person spends in this region only a few days, and then returned back to his home. In this case, jet lag can become chronic at all. There are various ways of dealing with this phenomenon and quite common to hear the recommendation about daytime sleep.

However, the founder Latinskog Institute of Missouri Dr. Joseph Ojile stresses that both his long practice has shown the absence of any means universal victory over dzhetlaga. There is no method which allows to recalibrate the biological clock and return the synchronicity of all body functions. However, there are certain rules the implementation of which allows to minimize the effects of long distance travel. But daytime sleep to them absolutely not exactly true – sanego breaking of the body will become even more unpleasant.

First, it is better to go to bed the night before,and for two or three days before the flight. Discipline yourself to get up at 5-6 am. Thus you will begin to gently shift the body’s internal clock. Take care jetlag you can have during the flight. Refrain from alcohol and heavy fatty foods, lean on something light and healthy. Otherwise you will feel lethargic and “heavy”, and sleep on the plane will be more difficult. (READ MORE)