Found a way to beat sleeplessness for two minutes

Can we hope to win over insomnia? The secret technology the us military would help in just two minutes.

Millions of people toss and turn at night from side to side and can’t take in sweet sleep, why suffer all the next day. But what if you propose a method for the treatment of insomnia, which allows you to asleep no later than two minutes? It turns out that it was used by the soldiers for several decades, for which the normal sleep is vital as it gives them a rest before performing important missions. It is argued that this technology has long been used by the American army, and its effectiveness is 96% after 6 weeks of regular training. This same technology is used and the pilots who also need to sleep, in order not to doze off at the wheel.

So, how to fall asleep in just two minutes? First, we need to relax the muscles of the face, including the tongue, jaw and the muscles around the eyes. Then to drop the shoulders as low as possible before the relaxation of muscles of hands. The third step turns off the breathing, then relaxing the chest and, at the final stage, legs. And relax them gradually, starting from the hips and moving smoothly down to the feet.

After complete relaxation of your body within 10 seconds you need to clean the brain. If you believe the book, there are three techniques that will help with this. First, we need to imagine yourself floating in a canoe on a calm river or lake looking into the clear sky. You can imagine yourself in a hammock, swaying in the quiet woods or on a country site under the barely audible singing of birds and chirping of crickets. Finally, the method of meditating to force myself not to think about anything for at least 10 seconds. (READ MORE)