10 house plants for better sleep

Sleep disruption can occur for many different reasons. And answers how to improve sleep can also be weight. We do not give advice on what to do to fall asleep easier. But we will tell you how to use house plants to improve the microclimate of your bedroom, so he began to contribute to healthy surroundings, and therefore improved sleep.

The insomnia was – I don’t know what to do? Get the right house plant! Magicforum find out what plants can contribute to the normalization of your sleep. Maybe it’s not a cure, but worth a try. Maybe one flower pot will adjust your schedule and biorhythms.

Who doesn’t love to sleep? To sleep like it! But many of us sometimes see the following picture, when people start to doze off in public places. In transport, during boring lectures, in the waiting room at the airport and at the train station or just during breaks at work. This suggests that we are ready to take advantage of any opportunity, just to take a NAP. And this suggests that many are simply not getting enough sleep at night.

And rarely blame the banal insomnia. How can I improve my sleep? What to do to fall asleep easier? The most effective is to create in the bedroom a healthy environment. But that is not how house plants can help us in this matter. So, here are 10 house plants that will help improve sleep.

English ivy

Ivy’s bedroom plant number one. The interesting thing is that this perennial can grow anywhere, and under favorable conditions can grow to an impressive size.
Experiments conducted by biologists has proved that this little miracle is able to absorb from the air harmful toxic substances. Moreover ivy is a powerful neutralizer of nitric oxide.


Spathiphyllum is an excellent plant for the bedroom. After a variety of tests to determine useful properties, it was concluded that it is a beautiful plant with unusual leaves and flowers, is not only a great decoration for bedrooms, but also a great neutralizer of harmful gases. The leaves of Spathiphyllum absorb benzene, ammonia and formaldehyde. The tests also confirmed that the Spathiphyllum secrete substances that help stress. Sleep with lilies to become calm and deep.


To improve sleep is useful to any sweet flavor. And Jasmine in this plan is a godsend. These house plants are so beautiful that is additionally able to reduce anxiety and stress. A dual action beneficial effect on sleep, helps to improve the metabolism and promotes the normal functioning of the heart. It definitely helps improve sleep.

Bamboo palms

These swaying green house plants add a bedroom charm and charm. In addition, palm is able to disinfect the air by absorbing harmful substances such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene. Palm trees are the natural air purifiers, so the room, which is this house plant air is noticeably cleaner. Clean and light air is a great cure for insomnia. With the palm you will feel closer to nature.


A rather unusual plant with tiny purple flowers and an enchanting fragrance that can charm anyone. Lavender is one of the most useful houseplants can improve sleep. In addition, the plant is a powerful neutralizer of odors and protection from chemical toxins.
Just put this tiny shrub on the window of your bedroom. You don’t have to do with insomnia will leave your house once and for all.


Also known as Teschin language, or pike’s tail. Sansevera has a long standing leaves, which can have different colors of bands. It is evergreen, rarely flowering plant does not occupy much space and does not require special care. However, it is one of those rare plants, which produces oxygen even at night. Even when you are sleeping, Sansevera enriches the air around you clean and healthy oxygen that is able to improve sleep.


Valerian is a great herb for sleep. This little green angel known as the best sleep, which is afraid of insomnia. Flowers of Valerian not only add to your enthusiasm and fresh air, but also help in dealing with stress, anxiety and headache. Also this plant will solve the problems with shortness of breath and frequent migraines.


Sometimes Passionflower called Passiflora. This is an unusual and even mysterious ornamental plantwill certainly not only decorate your bedroom but also your sleep. As Passionflower is able to treat many sleep disorders. She treats gastrointestinal disorders, psychological and neurological disorders, and breathing problems.


Originally, this house plant is indigenous to subtropical latitudes. Gardenia is also a useful evergreen plant that reduces anxiety and stress. The plant is able to relieve muscle spasms, make sleep calm and deep. Insomnia retreats, and after a good sleep a person feels cheerful and energetic.


The leaves of Chlorophytum leaves resemble palm trees. This flower is perhaps the most useful of all the above plants in terms of air disinfection.
Chlorophytum cleans the air of carcinogens that cause cancer. Many household products such as glue or paint can release into the atmosphere of toxic substances. It Chlorophytum can purify the air from these harmful volatile molecules. Therefore, it is a house plant can be considered the most reliable guardian of your health.

House plants in the bedroom is not only beautiful, but also useful for a good sleep. Choose plants for bedroom, which are useful to improve sleep and be healthy! Herbs on the windowsill will be a great addition to the interior and will help your body function while you sleep well.

Previously, scientists have proven that house plants help relieve stress. To find out how – read our article.