In the feces of infants found a powerful medicine

Scientists have discovered the probiotics in the baby Kale. It happened in the midst of a global race to identify additional sources of “good” bacteria, which help prevent and treat many diseases.

In recent years, the topic of probiotics has become quite “hot” in the popular scientific literature, since numerous studies have shown how important it is to restore the balance of bacteria the intestine. It has been proved that probiotics are contained in many food products subjected to fermentation or fermentation, but the search for new sources continues. And now one such source was detected, though it is hardly edible or enjoyable. We are talking about the feces of babies, where researchers from Wake Forest School of Medicine in the US found a storehouse of beneficial bacteria.

“Babies usually are pretty healthy, they do not suffer from age-related diseases like diabetes and cancer, the study authors explained. – It is natural that their feces is widely available. It can become a new source of bacterial strains that help people in the prevention and treatment of most common diseases of the digestive system. Short-chain fatty acids – key components of intestinal health. The victims of diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disorders and cancer often have a deficiency of these acids. And the increase of their number will help to maintain and even reinstalled the microbiome of the intestine, which improves health.”
It is unlikely that we will soon see on the shelves of pharmacies or stores a yogurt-based children’s feces, however, this discovery underlines once again the importance of the health of the gastrointestinal tract for almost all aspects of human health. Well, the market of probiotics can expect completion. ()