Simple way to get rid of belly fat

Researchers from the University of Surrey found: specific diet effectively helps to get rid of fat in problem areas of the body, particularly on the abdomen. You need to have Breakfast later, while out to dinner sooner, recommend experts.

The authors of this project argue that adherence to such a regime substantially reduces the too strong appetite, minimizing the number of unwanted snacking. This is evidenced by the results of their experiment.

Became its participants people aged 25-57 years were divided into two groups. The first volunteers started to lunch a half hour later than usual, dinner – on the contrary, a half hour earlier. The second stuck to his usual schedule in meals. In this mode, they spent two and a half months.

The results of this test were as follows. The first group got rid of the extra pounds in 2.5 times more effective than the others. The most successful way to get rid of belly fat was eating Breakfast rich in protein food, while the “classic” Breakfast – oatmeal not satisfy hunger for long, and appetite after eating it quickly flared up again after a short time.

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