From these products it is necessary to refuse for the sake of brain health

If you want to make a brain more healthy, and the intelligence is more developed, then discard the following foods. Such recommendations can be made on the basis of numerous scientific studies.

In particular, avoid to use foodsthat have passed intensive processing. They are rich in salt, fat and sugar, are low in useful nutrients. These products inhibit the functioning of the brain and lead to the appearance of extra pounds. Abstain from noodles, crisps, ready meals and sauces. Say “no” to foods containing TRANS fats. These are saturated fats that affect the functioning of the brain. Strive to consume less artificial TRANS fats, which are present in packaged foods like cookies and cakes.

It would be better to reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates. The most obvious of them is sugar. Past intensive processing of cereals like wheat flour can be another example of “bad carbs”. In the body, they are digested very quickly, raising blood sugar and insulin levels. Drink less alcohol because it affects the functioning of neurotransmitters. In addition, alcohol lovers there is a lack of vitamin B1, which leads to disorders of the brain.

In General, it is better to eliminate from the diet all sugar drinks, including energy, juices and sodas. They all negatively affect the brain. If you consume many of these drinks, the risk of developing dementia increases. In addition, they increase blood pressure and cause obesity. (READ MORE)