As much as 2 300 people in 2017 were in the hospital for… pizza

In the United States published a strange statistic that shows that in 2017 2 300 Americans had been hospitalized… because of the pizza. We are talking about all who have suffered at the hands of this dish, including those who stumbled and fell trying to take a piece.

The pizza is hot, tasty and loved by millions of people treat that may be hazardous to health. And it’s not about excess weight and obesity, which are often observed in lovers of fast food. American safety Commission consumer products has published statistics that show that in 2017, about 2 300 United States citizens were in the emergency departments of hospitals in connection with injuries related to pizza. Such injuries include cuts that occur when a person with a knife cuts not only pizza, but also the part of the hand, burns and even falls and fractures that occurred when trying to take a slice of pizza.

The Commission explains almost every case of damage, which seems unthinkable, and reminds people that even the simple act of eating pizza in food can be risky, and should therefore be handled with caution. We are talking about a special kind of food security not related to the method of preparation of certain foods or ways of their storage. In particular, the report concludes that people, who falling in the streets when carrying the pizza home, or were injured directly in the cafe.

The authors of the report themselves admitted that they were surprised such a huge number of injuries related to pizza. Although the popularity of this product in the United States great, people often forget about the necessary precautions. Even the process of cutting pizza needs to implement it carefully, otherwise it can result in serious injury. (READ MORE)