This birth defect threatens the boys with tumors

Appear born with undescended testicles boys are more than twice as likely in adult life to develop cancer. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Australia.

Born with undescended testicles children much more often in adult life suffer from cancer and infertility. Male babies, which at the time of birth the testes still in the abdominal cavity and not in the scrotum, 2.4 times more likely to subsequently suffer from cancer of the testicles, compared to those who are born without this disease. Undescended testicles in medicine is called cryptorchidism, due to this phenomenon men are also more likely to seek infertility treatment.

The relationship between cryptorchidism and cancer is not exactly clear, but previous studies have suggested that abdominal testicles are exposed to high temperatures, which can cause late development of tumors. Because of this, men with cryptorchidism are still faced with infertility. Statistics show that this pathology is observed in each 25-year-old boy. In most cases, shortly after the birth of these boys, their testicles still descend into the scrotum, however, approximately 1% of the victims of cryptorchidism requires a specific treatment.

Studies have shown that this surgery is best done as often as possible because it greatly reduces the likelihood of subsequent development of cancer and infertility. In order to achieve this effect, the surgical return of testis into the scrotum should be performed before the boy turns 18 months. (READ MORE)