From cancer to blood clots – what are the risks of oral contraceptives

From breast cancer to dangerous blood clots. Experts told about the risks that loom in too long taking oral contraceptives.

Intake of oral contraceptives increases the risk of cancer of the breast. Published last year the study showed a great interest in these pills women have in their body higher hormone levels. And according to experts at the University of Michigan, the risk of cancer of the breast increases the jump in hormones. However, the majority of victims of this disease face it after 50, that is, after the entry into menopause, so that the danger of contraceptives exists, but is not too significant.

Many women notice that the prescription contraceptives they measured blood pressure. The fact is that these pills increase the risk of deadly blood clots. However, there is no reason to panic. Any medications increase the risk of blood clots in the legs or lungs, when compared with the complete absence of any pills. But the danger depends on two factors. First, it is the elevated level of estrogen, and secondly, the kind used in tablets progesterone. Approximately 50% to 80% of the risk is generated in the case of use of a new contraceptive or tablets third-generation compared with second generation pills.

Oral contraceptives increase the risk of cervical cancer. This risk is higher the longer a woman takes the pills. After 5 years in the contraceptives the risk of cancer of the cervix grows twice. But do not forget that it is still small compared to factors such as the human papillomavirus.

Finally, another risk factor of oral contraceptives are the strokes. Especially dangerous oral contraceptives to women who suffer from migraines with auras. In this case, the risk of stroke even more jumps. (READ MORE)