The child got sepsis due to school shoes

This four-year-old girl was forced to fight for his life due to the development of severe sepsis. Blood poisoning occurred after she got an infection, trying on new school shoes.

Sienna Rasul from England became seriously ill in the day when wearing bare feet shoes too small size in school (in Britain, schooling starts at 4 years). The girl hurt her foot, and after some time she developed sepsis caused by bacteria in an open wound. This disease can be transmitted by pathogenic microorganisms that penetrate in the bloodstream via different kinds of injuries and scratches. Doctors believe that Sienna was cut when I pulled on my shoes. 5 days she spent on the dropper, and all this time with her was her mother.

“I was shocked when the doctors told me that the disease is caused by the attempt to try new shoes, – says the mother of Sienna. – Physicians had to drain the pus from her foot. Usually my daughter wears socks, but the yard is very hot in the summer, and I let her run around in sandals on bare feet. At that moment, her favorite shoes were already wearing some other girl, and she took someone else’s shoes, were small. Because of this, she hurt her leg and got an infection”.
The symptoms of sepsis, the child appeared already one day after infection. Doctors marker separated the area on the leg that hit the bacteria when followed the spread of infection. At some point, she rose to the tibia, and the girl had the fever. Fortunately, doctors managed to start timely treatment, and by evacuation of pus and antibiotics, the child returned to health, and her leg was saved. (READ MORE)