The most affordable way to avoid a stroke

In Sweden, researchers from Gothenburg’s University have found how simple way you can significantly reduce the risk of stroke. It turned out that it is enough just to walk, but the walk needs to take some time, says the journal Neurology.

“A half-hour walk, make every day, affect the reduction of the probability of premature death from stroke” – is the conclusion of the Swedish researchers in the journal.
Researchers analyzed the medical history of 2300 patients with stroke and as a result were able to figure out what people neglected physical activity and prefer a sedentary lifestyle, on average, 1.2 times more likely to suffer from hemorrhages in the brain than their peers who were physically active. While sedentary individuals was characteristic of the most severe forms of stroke.

The specialists underline that the cells of the body including the brain need a constant supply of nutrients and oxygen, and this can be achieved only at the expense of physical activity. Its most affordable type is walking, but Hiking, according to scientists, you should spend at least four hours a week.

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