A few hours of walking a week makes it easier to transfer the stroke

Stroke is considerably easier in people who are at least a little load themselves physically, for example, walk four hours a week. This is evidenced by a study published online in the journal Neurology.

A stroke is a serious cause of disability, so finding ways to prevent or reduce the likelihood of disability is very important. Exercise has multi-faceted health benefits, but our study emphasizes that even small amounts of physical activity reduces the severity of the stroke, said study author Katherine C. Sunnerhagen (Katharina S. Sunnerhagen) from the University of Gothenburg.

For this study, the researchers analyzed the data of two Swedish archives and singled 925 people, average age 73 years, who suffered a stroke. The archives had information on stroke severity, taking into account the limitation of movements, changes of consciousness and speech disturbance. 80% of study participants had a mild stroke.

To determine the physical activity level of people, the scientists questioned them about the load before the stroke. To confirm these data has been questioned by the relatives of the patients.

Four hours of walking per week was defined as light physical activity. To the average level of activity, were treated two to three hours of running or swimming a week. Among the participants of the study 52% were physically passive to the stroke.

The researchers found that for men, physical activity which was mild or moderate, the probability that the stroke will be easy, twice as likely than for physically passive. The probability of a light stroke among physically passive insultion was 73%, in mild physical activity 85%, with an average activity level of 89%. That is, the use of light and moderate physical activity were comparable.

Scientists say that the difference in activity level plays a great importance. Even in combination with the young age of greater physical activity level was an advantage, by 6,8% in comparison with light physical activity.

Ukrainian Andrei