Thanks to a selfie she put a diagnosis of stroke and timely appealed

Juanita Branch (Juanita Branch), 63-year-old resident of the town of Fraser, Michigan, told the publication ClickOnDetroitthat used to make fun of a selfie. And now, thanks to a selfie, she’s alive and well.

Before his miraculous rescue a woman didn’t use the selfie camera for about a year. It is once in a hundred years did the pictures for your page in Facebook, reports the Macomb Daily.

Browsing the latest selfie, Juanita noticed something strange about her face and lips looked distorted and degraded. She saw it as the symptoms of stroke, as before, two years ago, suffered a minor heart attack.

Each subsequent (photo) worsened, and I thought, What the hell is happening?, quoted Brunch Fox2Detroit. She went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, which confirmed the suspicions and prompted to seek help in the hospital.

The centers for disease control (Centers for Disease Control) say: a stroke is due to blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain, causing cells to die. This can lead to serious health problems, disability or even death. Need to know the symptoms of stroke:

  • distorted face
  • hard to move hands,
  • slurred speech.

In addition, the world health organization adheres to the concept of time is brain: the sooner medical assistance, the higher the probability to retain the maximum number of brain cells. So you can not delay calling for an ambulance.

Many people think that it hurts, if you have a stroke, but it is not shared Brunch Macomb Daily. When you see the symptoms, you should call someone immediately.

At the hospital, doctors looked at the time stamp on the photos, and realized that he had not closed the so-called window, making possible the safe use of anti coagulation treatment for stroke, according to station WXYZ.

The fact that a drug tissue plasminogen activator, only hours after a stroke, according to ClickOnDetroit. Otherwise it is fraught with bleeding in the brain.

With me never happened that someone came in with a selfie, in which it was stated time and knew exactly when the stroke began, told WXYZ the attending physician of Mrs. Branch, Dr. Jason Muir (Jason Muir), hospital Henry Ford (Henry Ford Hospital).

I’ll stop making fun of people who do selfies. Because this selfie literally saved my life, said Juanita Branch, who returned home after several weeks in the hospital.

Valeria SEMA