Due to the habit of nail biting, she developed a rare cancer of the finger

In Australia in their twenties College coeds Courtney Whithorn (Whithorn Courtney) due to the habit of constantly biting his nails developed a rare type of cancer. Doctors saved the girl, but she had to remove the thumb.

The nail-biting has been associated with anxiety disorder, it has become particularly difficult as a result of the abuse that Courtney was exposed to in school. Because of this, the nail is completely separated from the nail bed that was black. She tried to hide the finger from prying eyes for four years.

My hand was constantly squeezed into a fist, because I didn’t want anyone to see it, even the parents, the girl said the Daily Mail.

In July, Courtney visited the plastic surgeon to restore the normal view of the pin. But the expert expressed concern over the form of a finger, especially abnormal it is considered a partial disappearance of pigmentation. The girl was sent for a biopsy.

Courtney was diagnosed with a rare skin tumors – acrolina lentiginous melanoma, subungual form. It develops not only under the nails, such a tumor can affect the sole of the foot. In most cases, melanoma causes excessive exposure to UV light, sunlight, but in this case the cause of cancer are the injuries and damage.

The girl underwent three surgeries to remove the tumor and all cancer cells. She completely amputated thumb on his right hand and two local lymph node a week ago, to stop the spread of the tumor. Currently, she is recovering in hospital and awaiting test results. If all went well, the radiation oncologist will monitor her condition for five years.

Favorite hobby Courtney was to write a diary, now she is difficult to adapt to the fact that this habit has to be abandoned.

Ukrainian Andrei