Mushrooms are recognized as a valuable product for the immune system

Scientists from the USA studied the effects of mushrooms on the immune system, and these data indicate that mushrooms really do have an impact on changes in immunity. The scientists said that it is undergoing immune system of the person eating the mushrooms.

In particular, according to their data, almost all the edible species of mushrooms contain a very high amount of vitamin D, important for better learning of esitaka supernanny for the body nutrients, such as calcium and phosphorus. According to researchers, eating mushrooms can almost completely substitute the intake of vitami D.

The researchers say that the mushrooms have to sposobnostyami ultraviolet radiation in the production of vitamins, as it for example does our skin. Dishes from mushrooms contribute to enhanced calcium absorption, improved performance thereby bones and teeth and also enhance the protective capacity of the immune system, stated the authors.

Scientists conducted an experiment in which participants regularly used, depending on the group of vitamin D, or mushroom powder, which is pre-exposed to solar ultraviolet radiation. At the end of the study vitamin D levels in the blood of participants in each group were almost identical. In other words, the fungi are quite capable to replace the method of expensive vitamin supplements.

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