That is how the people forbid themselves to go to the left

The scientists said, what tactics are used by people who want to prevent myself from adultery. Among the most popular methods is the increase in the number of sex with a loved one.

It is no exaggeration to say that most of the spouses at least once think about marital infidelities, many look to the left, and having many lovers and mistresses. But there are people for whom the very idea of adultery seems disgusting, but they can’t do anything with those temptations to which exposed. These people come up with the different ways in order not to change the beloved. About the most common sociologists from the United States said 350 men and women in the course of a rather Frank interview. 75% of respondents aged from 19 to 63 years called the intensification of relations as their main tactic.

But how you can make gradually fading the flame to flare up brightly again? The couple arrange a romantic date, begin to pay greater attention to their own appearance and increase the amount of sex in my life. In addition, if the adversary is located somewhere nearby, then subjected to temptation, a person tries less to meet him. This includes not just physical contact, even verbal. For example, if some respectable wife tempts a colleague at work, he seeks not even to keep her official correspondence, if possible.

The third most common tactic is a stronger sense of guilt. People are starting to say to myself that they violate all moral laws if I cheat on my spouse. Unfortunately, the same survey showed that all of these tactics is not very well and work, so most people still commit adultery. (READ MORE)