Doctors told about the consequences of the use of mobile gadgets

Doctors told what diseases can develop from the constant use of gadgets. According to experts, if your smartphone or tablet to devote many hours a day may develop muscle wasting, as well as the problem of dry eyes and myopia.

According to associate Professor of the Department of ophthalmology, Institute of advanced training of doctors Irina Leshchenko, a man whose face gadget, blink three-five times per minute, and have 15-17 times. This develops constant feeling of sand in eyes, called dry eye syndrome. In addition, prolonged use of gadgets leads to myopia.

— We have to note that before myopia appeared 18 years before, when there is growth of the organism, and now we often see that people have already finished College and they come and they first develop myopia. Before such was not. What is the reason? With the fact that gadgets are now 16-18 hours a day, — quotes Agency Leshchenko.

Often a person looks at a smartphone screen in an uncomfortable position that leads to violations of posture — kyphosis, scoliosis and stoop, as well as neurological problems, pinched nerves in the cervical spine. The only plus of gadgets that typing on a keyboard develops fine motor skills.

— Now the problem is that children do not play any sports, I sit at home gadgets. Physical inactivity is the scourge of our time. And then join all the other problems — the children are cisplatinum weak. Occurs muscular hypotrophy, — said the traumatologist-orthopedist Sergey Grandfathers.

Member of the Board of Russian society of clinical Oncology Nikolay Zhukov reassured that the use of smartphones does not affect the development of cancer, it is not confirmed by international research.

Earlier clinical psychologist Michael Khors stated that dependence on devices similar to alcoholism.