All-Russian Union of insurers: to monetize the premiums on the policy OMC impossible

No payment under the policy of obligatory medical insurance for the unused insurance claims current legislation is not provided. The premiums for compulsory health insurance does not accumulate on the personal account of a man (this account does not exist), and are accumulated in the Federal MHI Fund to pay for the treatment. The proposals to return unspent on MLA funds – fraud, and this should be reported to law enforcement.

In the country continue to spread the offers to get paid for unused sredstvo the policy of obligatory medical insurance, reminiscent of the all-Russian Union of insurers. Scammers use phone calls, email, instant messengers, online advertising, social networks and apps, offering to return the premiums under the policy CHI. Recommend citizens go to the sites of non-existent organizations, to fill formui learn ComproDTV that supposedly can be vernato law.

After the person enters the personal data, the screen indicates the amount of the refund, kataraina reaches several hundred thousand. But to get it, people are asked to enter your Bank card details and pay the registration fee. First econoscillator rubles, the amount seems insignificant, however, such contributions can be many, and they are asked to pay one after the other. Often before you realize that they have become victims of criminals, people leave on these saltonstalls rubles. Moreover, later the criminals can withdraw large sums of money specified using the gullible citizens credit card.

Irina Reznik