Choose eyeliner, pros and cons. How not to be mistaken with a choice?

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Liquid eyeliner

Gel eyeliner

Solid eyeliner(pencil)

Contour eyeliner (felt tip)

Dry liquid eyeliner (shade)

Each of us wants to look attractive. And, of course, every day! We wondered how the modern pace of life, having quite a bit of time on your make-up effectively and quickly emphasize your eyes and look? One of the answers is to draw the eye eyeliner!But not so simple. Now there are so a lot of eyeliners and their forms, which is very easy to lose track of spending money for nothing. Not all of us have experience in dealing with eyeliner and difficult to use novelty may remain lying on the bottom of your cosmetic bag.

We have studied the main types of connections, expert advice, compare the advantages and disadvantages. In this article, in 10 minutes we will tell you how to choose eyeliner that suits you, even if have never used. Magicforum figured out how to use eyeliner.

Liquid eyeliner

Pros. Brightness, color saturation and gloss line. Allows you to display a very fine and very sharp arrows.

You can find a great selection of liquid eyeliners in every store and on almost any budget.

Cons. Experts do not recommend liquid liner for beginners. To learn to draw hands with liquid eyeliner have a lot of patience and time. Filling his hand you should be prepared for that will have to repaint the arrow many times. Liquid eyeliner usually poorly withstands heat and has a high resistance. It is not excluded that during the day you will have to update the make-up or paint over the gap.

Gel eyeliner

Sold in pretty little jars.

Pros. With this eyeliner you can roam and feel like an artist in front of a mirror! Professional gel eyelinerwill definitely appreciate the ability to apply different brushes to do the shading and create the effect of a dramatic look. You can use a pencil as a basis, if you got used to it, and draw gel eyeliner migracyjne space, making the arrow perfectly clear.

Gel eyeliner is more expensive brands, for example Chanel or Bobbi Brown, worth more than the usual liquid eyeliner, but totally worth the investment – a small jar will be enough for a very long time. And most importantly – this eyeliner can withstand very intense hot day from morning until evening. Many girls have long preferred makeup in the format of “nude” – just bright and deep gel hands without shadows.

Cons. With liner you need to purchase a separate brush for application. Gel eyeliner a little longer dry eyes and if a jar does not close tightly, the ink can quickly dry. Definitely this eyeliner is easy to use for the beginner, but the experienced professionals of this purchase will bring pleasure and joy.

Solid eyeliner(pencil)

Pros. Compact, convenient, time-tested way to draw the eye. A classic and must have any cosmetic.

Pencil will become a good friend to those who never failed hands. If suddenly hand tremble, absolutely nothing, take and shade, getting the perfect effect plavix lines.

Eyeliners produce a lot of brands and for every budget.

Cons. A relatively low resistance, during the day the eye will need to draw again, especially in the heat. The tips and hands from the heat can slide into the corners of the eyes. Be sure to pay attention to the hardness of the stylus is too tight can damage the sensitive skin of the century. Too soft and can quickly resolve itself , how would the “draining” on recnelty and drain for the eye.

Contour eyeliner (felt tip)

Markers recently appeared in stores and definitely you will meet in large cosmetic stores. The price is comparable or slightly more expensive liquid eyeliner, depending on the brand.

Pros. Really handy solid tip like a felt tip pen, it’s quite easy to draw the arrows.

Cons. New tip of the pen may be too hard for a century, and “pillow” pen fast enough crack. Dries quickly, loses the brightness of the color. After a relatively short period of use required to draw the arrow several times to get the “juicy” line. For a beginner marker require some time and practice practicing drawing.

Dry liquid eyeliner (shade)

It is extruded and rich shade, with a soft and crumbly texture.

Pros. Delicately, quickly and gently applied to the eyelid. Allow us to draw smoky hands. Great for beginners, you can quickly bring the upper and lower eyelid – view will become clear, but without sharp lines. Professionals use dry eyeliner in combination with other feed pipes.

Dry eyeliner easy to find in stores, depending on brand you can pick up a purchase at any budget by not overpaying. A good budget option two: shadow for eyebrows and eyelids.

Cons. Requires a separate brush and, as a rule, you need to use the wet brush technique for the stability and clarity of lines. During the day and especially in hot dry eyeliner on the eyes need to brush up and touch up the eyes.

If you are a beginner or you do not have so much time on makeup, you should opt for a solid eyeliner (pencil) or dry eyeliner.

Having experience in the eyeliner, or gradually, by learning how to use a pencil or shadow, you can go to the pen or liquid eyeliner.

If you are already a confident user and would like to expand your Arsenal – you should pay attention on gel eyeliner with a brush. You can experiment with the shapes of the brushes and mixing colors and also add more eyeliner.

Determined what eyeliner is right for you? Feel free to go to the store!

Experiment and don’t be afraid to ask to try out several different brands at a time. Listen to their feelings and emotions. After samples in the store, when correctly chosen purchase, you must want to apply eyeliner ASAP!

Do not save time and approach the purchase effortlessly. Your eyes are the mirror of your soul, they deserve framing.

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