Born after IVF children are 6 times more likely to suffer from hypertension

Born as a result of in vitro fertilization children are much more at risk to face life with high blood pressure. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Switzerland.

Born after in vitro fertilization children are 6 times more likely to experience high blood pressure than conceived naturally. And because of this they have higher risk of heart attacks and strokes, the study showed scientists from the University hospital in Bern. Watching the 96 young people, Swiss scientists found that one in seven Teens who were born after IVF, age 16 already had clinically high blood pressure. Among those who were conceived naturally, the number of hypertensive patients was only 2.3%.

Every year of the IVF technology allow us to be born more and more children. In Russia, this industry is also booming here and many foreigners go for procedures that their own countries are much more expensive. In the UK alone every year, the light appears for 20 000 babies who were conceived through in vitro fertilization. The oldest man on our planet that was conceived artificially, is an Englishwoman Louise brown, which today is 40 years. That is why science knows nothing about the long-term impact of these procedures on children’s health.

The authors of the study expressed concerns about such a large-scale distribution of hypertension among children resulting from IVF. Magicforum recalls that high blood pressure called the “silent killer” due to the fact that quite often it causes no symptoms until a person is faced with a heart attack or stroke. (READ MORE)