Physical activity is recognized as deadly to humans

Physical activity on a regular basis can not only help to strengthen the cardiovascular system, but “kill” it, contributing to accelerated deterioration. This paradoxical at first glance conclusion of scientists from the University of British Columbia, to which they came as a result of a new study, published Medical Express.

Scientific experts say that frequent and heavy loads may deteriorate health, deteriorate health and increase the risk of death. All this is due to the aging of the cardiovascular system, which becomes more vulnerable due to systematic loads. The heart and blood vessels simply cannot withstand the constant test of strength, which for them are regular exercise.

To such conclusion the researchers came during the work on the analysis of medical examinations of more than 730 people aged 35 years with vigorous physical activity at least three days a week. It turned out that the signs of heart failure occur even if the average level of loading, they were detected in 94 subjects. In addition, some of the participants (10 people) was found in violation of the coronary circulation, leading to heart attack.

Summary researchers is to maintain the body in good shape for optimal moderate physical activity one to two days per week and no more. In this mode of loadings do to really improve the health of the cardiovascular system, whereas the daily stress of a physical nature according to specialists significantly reduce life expectancy.

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