A simple rule that will help to lose weight quickly

Many of those who go to the gym, would like to know about how to burn maximum amount of calories. This simple change in training will make the process of getting rid of excess fat the most effective.

The performance of any physical activity and exercise are very good for health, but if you are making mistakes in the gym, it may be a waste of time. For example, when you sit on the bike and slowly spin the pedals for 30 minutes or even an hour, watching some reality show on TV, then progress in the fight against excess weight will be minimal if you do it will notice. And many people find it difficult to insert in a busy schedule between work, kids and household chores for a half hour or hour sessions in the gym. Fortunately, there is one simple rule that will make the training process fast and as efficient as possible.

Researchers from McMaster University found that intense exercise with a duration of one minute is as effective as a 45 minute moderate workout. The researchers observed the men engaged in sedentary work. They were asked to pedal as quickly and as hard as they can on a stationary bike. The load duration was only 60 seconds daily.

After 12 weeks among the volunteers was recorded the improvement in aerobic indicators, control of blood sugar levels and reducing the percentage of fat in the body. With approximately the same proportions as were observed in men who daily spent 45 minutes per workout at a moderate regime. I want to believe that one minute a day workouts for even the busiest person. (READ MORE)