How to go to the Solarium

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Contraindications to the use of the Solarium

The basic rules of tanning

Tan, of course, beautifies the skin. It is not always possible to go to the sea or at least to go to the river. And most of the flowers are starting to play nicely only in conjunction with tanned skin. And in winter, you want to look fresh and attractive, a tan is an easy way to refresh the overall look.

Undoubtedly, exposure to the sun (in well-chosen hours), subject to the observance of safety measures (protective cream and serum) helps the body produce vitamin D, which, in turn, is essential for the absorption of calcium. However, if thoughtlessly and often exposed to UV radiation, can cause serious health problems and appearance. And it’s not just possible burns, but also premature skin aging and risk of skin cancer. Magicforum figured out how to go to Solarium to get the maximum positive effect and not expose your skin excessive harmful effects.

Contraindications to the use of the Solarium

1. Your skin needs to be healthy. No rashes, irritations, inflammations, allergies. Under ultraviolet light, the situation is worse. There may be complications.

2. Fair-skinned who have a predisposition for burns, redness and peeling even at the slightest contact with ultraviolet light, should refrain from visiting the Solarium.

3. Can sunbathe in the Solarium during menstruation, and in the presence of any gynecological diseases (inflammatory or neoplastic).

4. Contraindicated ultraviolet light and the presence of tumors. No matter what they are: benign or malignant. In any case, the Solarium (and just aggressive rays of the sun) will provoke a more active tumor growth and increase the number of its cells in the body. Benign can degenerate into malignant. In this case, the ultraviolet rays will play the role of the explosive mechanism of the bomb.

5. Pregnancy. Yes, when carrying a baby ought to be very careful.

6. Disease, especially if it is accompanied by hyperthermia (body temperature rises). Ultraviolet light also heats the skin. Therefore, the situation will only worsen. The body can get heat stroke, and you lose consciousness right in the Solarium.

7. Receiving photosensitizing substances. This includes not only products, but also medicines (including antibiotics), receipt of which is does your skin have an increased response to the sun’s rays. The skin becomes overly sensitive, burns appear on it much faster and have a more extensive area.

8. You should visit your doctor before visiting the Solarium. He will either give its approval or strictly forbid. It can confuse your moles or birthmarks (often under the influence of ultraviolet radiation begins to degenerate into melanoma – skin cancer).

The basic rules of tanning

After reviewing the main contra-indications, it is necessary to understand how to go to the Solarium. Here are the basic rules-recommendations:

1. You don’t have any contraindications, the doctor needs to approve your decision to tan.

2. Your first time shouldn’t be longer than 3-5 minutes. The skin needs to get used to such concentrated “exposure” with ultraviolet light. Otherwise, get ready to itch and remove the skin and smear the old-fashioned sour cream or yogurt to soothe the pain from burned bodies.

3. Before getting a tan, prepare your skin. A good house wash, no harm will peel(it is more gentle than a scrub). This will remove from the surface of the skin old the epithelium, it will not prevent UV rays to penetrate deeper. And tan lie smoother and will be more “eventful.” Don’t forget to moisturize the skin. Still, the UV rays dry the skin. And dehydrated skin faster wrinkles and other age-related changes. And to tan faster grabbed, it is recommended to drink carrot juice (natural, fresh) or eat the carrots. It contains substances help you gain the desired healthy Golden skin tone. But do not overdo it. And that will be not bronze, and yellow, as if he’d been ill with jaundice.

4. No makeup or perfume. Otherwise, the rays will simply be absorbed by the makeup. And when you get home wash it, you will notice that the “processed” cosmetics or perfume parts of the body is significantly lighter than the rest of the body.

5. A very important point! Protect your eyes. Conscientious salon gives you special glasses that will protect your eyes. In fact, the ultraviolet light spoils the eyesight. Yes, that’s right. The retina suffers greatly from UV lamps, so if you’re not protected, you can not see more beauty tanned body. Protect children from such lamps. And not only in the Solarium. Many of the women of the house have already appeared UV lamp for drying the gel lacquer coatings for nails. Do not look inside while you work and your children do not allow to do. Otherwise you will have problems. You must also remove your contact lenses or glasses.

6. Protect the hair from drying out. Water inside your hair will start to evaporate, the tips will begin to dry, split and stick out in all directions. The hair will become similar to a haystack. So wear a beanie, so you do not try to restore your hair.

7. Lips coat a layer of hygienic lipstick. This will allow them to dry. And face apply cream with protection from photoaging. Or dehydration your face will look like dried fruit.

8. Linen, in which you are lying must be of high quality and made of natural fabrics. If you tan Topless, then protect nipples with special stickers. In the extreme case of a well-spread nipples hygienic lipstick. It will repel UV rays from the skin, will not dry it will not harm your health.

9. Tattoos, moles, pigment spots have to hide at the time of visit to the Solarium. Tattoo just brighten. But moles and age spots (and warts) can lead to complications.

10. Remove all jewelry. Forget about the phone and the player. All this must remain outside the booth.

Earlier, the scientists said the danger of a Solarium for your health.