Smart glasses from Microsoft will measure the pressure all day

Scientists have created unique glasses that throughout the day, monitor blood pressure. With their help you can significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Computer giant Microsoft has developed high-tech glasses that can monitor blood pressure throughout the day. They have hidden sensors in different points of their temples, which you can use to determine the intensity of pumping blood through the blood vessels every few seconds. These measurements estimate the time required for the heart to pump blood through different areas of the body. Using these figures, we can accurately determine blood pressure.

Magicforum recalls that the hypertension diagnosed in people who have blood pressure all the time consistently above 140/90. In Russia, this disorder affects approximately 25% of the population, namely hypertension causes half of all heart attacks and strokes. Up to 50% of the victims of high blood pressure take special pills to control it, and in most cases, this technique life. However, the diagnosis of hypertension is difficult, because blood pressure varies considerably throughout the day, sometimes his numbers are quite normal, and sometimes they jump. And if at this moment to measure the pressure, it is possible to draw the wrong conclusion about hypertension. That is why it is best to estimate pressure within 24 hours.

In hospitals this can be done through special monitors, which is a cuff on the hand that a person is forced to wear all day. From cuff there is a wire that connects to the special zone, where there blood pressure measurement. But this device is quite uncomfortable and heavy. Special glasses that can be worn even at home, look much more convenient and effective instrument of blood pressure measurement. (READ MORE)