This Mattifying Primer Sold Out at Sephora in One Week

Erborian's fan-favorite CC cream and the brand's new mattifying primer have one major thing in common: Sephora keeps selling out of them.

We've officially entered the season of sweat — in other words, 'tis the season for dewy beauty whether that's the look you were going for or not. If you're not down with dew, summer becomes a mad hunt for the perfect mattifying primer — preferably one that can handle even the most sweat-prone upper lip without over-drying the rest of your skin, like Erborian's new Extra Matte Ultra Mattifying Primer ($42).

The Korean-French skin-care brand (which may just be the most perfect fusion of old and new world skin-care heritage we've ever seen) has a solid track record of dropping best-selling skin products. Case in point: Erborian's CC Crème, which Sephora could barely keep on shelves last summer.

Now it seems lightning has struck twice (or really multiple times if you consider all of the other killer skin products for Erborian. The brand's mattifying primer, which launched only two weeks ago, is also currently sold out at Sephora. No wonder Erborian is an editor favorite at Allure.

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According to the brand, consumers are loving the primer's balance between matte and moisture achieved with water lily extract, which is known for its moisturizing and mattifying properties. The result is an IRL blurring filter effect, which you can use as a primer, midday touch up, or alone for matte, natural skin. Because of the primer's hybrid qualities, it works well whether your skin is oil-prone or on the dry side.

The good news is, you can still get your hands on this perfect summer primer over at (You just won't rack up those V.I.B. points, sadly.)

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