Phenomenon of Whiskey Penis: that’s Why he leads many in the bed to serious problems

Whether a man can suffer from the “Whiskey Penis”, depends on many factors such as age, metabolism, daily form, as well as the General Constitution and the genes. But who is affected, should definitely draw some conclusions. Because in the long run it may be in bed or else big problems.

Alcohol and Sex go together often at first glance. The alcohol, the inhibitions drop and after a few Drinks you end up perhaps faster time in bed, as it would have happened without alcohol. Finally, the alcohol also increases the desire to have Sex.

However, in the bed arrived, it comes often to the point of disillusionment. Because the Penis is not working as it should. This erectile dysfunction under the influence of alcohol are also referred to as the “Whiskey Penis”, such as Cosmopolitan wrote. The phenomenon occurs not only in the case of the Whiskey consumer, but it’s the same with wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages.

What matters is how often it happens to a man

Where the alcohol acts on the one hand exciting, relaxed and he calmed down. This also applies to all the functions of the body, such as the erection. Alcohol is a kind of sedative for the Penis, and he loses his “steadfastness.”

What matters is how often a man something like that happens. Who had a Drink too many and in bed, then so can as he wants, no big Worries. Because of the “Whiskey Penis” can also be a one-time thing. Who consumed, however alcohol regularly, brings his hormone budget out of balance. By the man, to be a kind of “feminization”, and thus also to the continued potency problems can cause.

Who is affected, will have to wait for the act of love

When the man suffers from a “Whiskey Penis”, is difficult to predict. Where some men notice after a whole bottle of anything yet, other already a glass too much. When the erection problems depends on several factors. For example, how old a man is, as it is to his General Constitution ordered and what he has for a metabolism. Also genes and the current form can play a role.

Who can’t after alcohol consumption, however, should be aware that this condition is to continue for some time. After all, the body needs to break down the alcohol. How long does it take, specifically, depends on the man himself. In the same night, however, is echnen on a hot adventure.