Two per thousand on the tax: The most important responses to alcohol-journey of Bettina Wulff

The former First Lady, Bettina Wulff is said to have caused approximately two per Mille of alcohol in a traffic accident. Now the wife of Ex-Federal President Christian Wulff is even a risk of a Medical-Psychological examination. The most important questions and answers about the case.

This ride will be for Bettina Wulff (44) might still be serious consequences. Last week, the wife of Ex should have caused Federal President Christian Wulff (CDU) drunk in a car accident. Bettina Wulff remained according to the Prosecutor, when the Crash in Burgwedel, near Hannover, unharmed. When the police started the accident, you must have an alcohol test with a positive result.

The former German President’s wife should have had, therefore, two alcohol breath alcohol. A lot of questions now, such as Wulff, this value could still drive the car and what has been drinking the former First Lady. FOCUS Online explains the most important questions on drunk driving from Wulff.

How much you have to drink in order to have two per thousand?

This depends, among other things, of sex and body weight. In addition, the General-to-drink strength plays a role and how much the person Concerned has previously eaten. At two ppm for at least several drinks need to be in the game. A woman in middle age would have to have been drinking, according to which around 2.5 liters of beer, or 1.1 liters of wine.

How do two per thousand?

About two thousand experts from a significantly disturbed response capacity and strong off balance and concentration problems. Also confusion and a deterioration of the vision and spatial vision are then. According to the Federal centre for health education can occur at two parts per thousand also increased Aggression.

What happens when driving a car?

Drunk drivers are able to assess according to the Initiative, Dont drink and drive often no Overtaking or driving too fast in sharp turns. At 0.2 ppm, the eyesight is deteriorating, reaction times are extended, and overall body control. In addition, it’ll come to a tunnel view on the tax.

Must Wulff are creating a Medical-Psychological examination (MPU)?

That depends on whether Wulff’s blood alcohol was 1.6 per thousand. Should this be the case, is arranged in a MPU also known as idiot test. In Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, such an investigation is starting to 1.1 per thousand. In most States, 1.6 per thousand, but it is considered the limit for a Medical-Psychological examination.