Spotlight On Female Aussie Freestyle Skier Danielle Scott

Not that you can tell. This laid-back chick is used to competing, having been an elite athlete for most of her life. 

Awake the heart with adventure ?

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“It’s very rewarding [to compete]; it’s such an incredible feeling to have hard work pay off; to be able to gain so much confidence from [training] as well, because I love what I do,” she explains. 

Given her truly amazing track record in aerial skiing, you’d be forgiven for thinking Scott has spent most of her years on the snow. Yet growing up she was more likely to be seen on her surfboard. 

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

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Oh, and on a gym mat, too. After competing as a gymnast for years, Scott was converted to aerial skiing by world champ Jacqui Cooper, who picked her for a fast-track skiing program after seeing her in action. yep, impressive! 

Since her global debut on the slopes in 2012, she’s competed in 26 World Cup events and won nine medals, including two of the gold variety. 

“I remember putting skis on for the first time and thinking, ‘This is slippery- what on earth am I doing?” she laughs. 

It’s exactly this mixed-sports background that Scott believes has been a major factor in her success. Even in the lead-up to one of the biggest comps in the world, she still switches up her training. 

“I love sports and I think [they] help what I do with balance, agility, strength or conditioning,” she says. “I do a lot of cross training, like surfing or mountain biking or even dancing.” 

While Scott’s success so far is mind-blowing enough, this pro isn’t satisfied just yet. She has her sights firmly set on a gold medal at the Winter Olympics. She’s even hinted that she might pull out a quadruple-twisting double somersault if needed, which would put her right into medal contention. 

“For us aerial skiers, it’s quite strange because our first Olympics is all about the experience,” she explains. “[But] now I’m looking forward to going into this one with a real chance at success.” 

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