Some Women Are Having 55 Orgasms Per Month

New research finds that some women are orgasming up to 55 times in a given month (55!). And those women are (drumroll, please…): women who have sex with women.

In the study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers looked at the sex lives of nearly 3,000 women. Women were divided into two groups: those whose primary partner was a man, and women whose partner was a woman. (They didn’t include women who were considered sexual “outliers,” such as those who had more than two orgasms a day or had sex more than three times a day).

Women answered questions about how often they orgasmed, engaged in sexual activity, and the specific types of sexual activity they did over the past four weeks.

On average, women who had sex with women had sex roughly 10 times per month. Women who had sex with men had sex about 15 times per month.

However, researchers found that women who had sex with women were three times more likely to “always” orgasm, compared to those who slept with men, despite how often they had sex. (Sorry, dudes.)

Why? Typical intercourse between a man and a woman involves penetration, something that many women don’t get off on, quite frankly. The study cited past research that found 95 percent of heterosexual women predicted that their male partners ‘‘usually-always’’ orgasm, while only 73 percent of heterosexual men say the same of their female partners. This is likely because that male climax is often thought to be the grand finale, leaving many women robbed of their own O moment.

One way to interpret this data is the only way to score your fair share of orgasms is to start having sex with other women. But, of course, that won’t work if you’re not interested in women. (Damn.)

But, fear not. As the researchers note, the reason behind these frequent woman-on-woman orgasms may be largely because “women are even more likely to orgasm when both partners are promoting varied sexual behaviors.”

In other words, expanding your definition of sex may be key to more Os. Him going down on you? Sex. Manual stimulation? Sex. Sex toys? Sex. Masturbation? Sex. It doesn’t always have to be male-focused, penis-in-vagina intercourse.

Indeed, a 2018 study found that women were more likely to orgasms when they had more oral sex, genital stimulation, and deep kissing in addition to intercourse.

The researchers also noted that the women seem to have more orgasms when both partners have “women-oriented orgasm goals” in mind. Which means he doesn’t just get to roll over when he gets his. Your orgasm can be a priority and an end goal, too.

The lesson here? It’s not selfish to get (read: demand) yours. All 55 times.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US.

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