‘Shaveducking:’ The New Dating Trend You’re Probably Already Guilty Of

Just when we thought we’d heard all the weird and wonderful dating trends (*cough, firedooring*) another one does the rounds. And this one (sorry dudes) is probably the most relatable of the lot.

Enter: shaveducking. 

According to Metro UK, it’s the feeling you get when you swipe right on a flat 10 but when you meet up… 

“You notice something. His eyes are a bit close together, aren’t they? His cheekbones are not as sharp, his jawline is not as strong. Is this person actually attractive, or do they just have good facial hair??”

Yup, shaveducking is that lingering unease that creeps over you when you’re not 100 per cent sure if you’re into a guy or just hot for his beard.     

“[It’s known as] shaveducking because you’d do anything to dodge that guy getting a shave and trimming off your affections in the process.”

And for all the loved-up ladies among us, don’t think you’re immune. 

Turns out shaveducking can strike at any stage in a relationship: early on, when you realise you just don’t like their look, or five years in when your partner goes clean-shaven for the first time and you’re all: 

So how do you avoid this cursed affliction? 

Well, for starters, you could ask to see a photo of them sans moustache before it gets to the IRL point.

Or, (politely) drop that you prefer them more with facial hair in the hope it’s reason enough for them to swear off the razor for life.

But it has to be said, if your affections are solely wrapped up in the future of their facial hair, the likelihood of it working out isn’t all that great in the first place.

Soz about it.

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