Pink, green, blue: Depending on the color of your recipe, different costs are in the pharmacy – Video

The recipe is not the same recipe. Depending on the color of the prescription label, different costs are in the pharmacy. Also the validity and cost vary.

Who is sick goes to the doctor and get a prescription – in pink, blue, green, yellow, or white. What is the meaning of these five colors, we have compiled for you:

Pink recipes: by Law, the insured usually get a pink recipe. The doctor prescribed medicines that are in the catalog of funds. If necessary, the Patient must pay a part. These recipes are valid for four weeks.

Blue recipes: A blue recipe is actually for private members. This can submit it for reimbursement at the time of checkout. Legally Insured does not get a blue recipe, if the prescribed drug belongs to the catalogue of benefits of the Fund. This means that you will have to bear the costs themselves. Blue recipes are for three months.

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Green recipes: Some drugs are available over the counter. Nevertheless, the doctor may prescribe a green prescription. It is more of a recommendation than a regulation. The recipe is valid for an unlimited period. The cash register comes first. In some cases, but there is the possibility, the money, in whole or in part, back. The need to clarify the Patient individually with his health insurance.

Yellow recipes: drugs under the narcotics law, prescribe the doctor with a yellow recipe. This applies, for example, pain relievers such as morphine. The cost assumes the cashier, the Patient may need to pay a share. Yellow recipes are redeemed within a period of seven days.

White recipes: A white recipe or the T-recipe is valid only for immune modulators. These are medicines that affect the immune system. T-the recipes are for six days. The Fund assumes the costs, the Patient must only pay a small part.

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