New infections: Wuhan all of the eleven million inhabitants, wants to test on Corona

In the light of new Corona cases in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, the local authorities have arranged the testing of the entire population. As Chinese media reported on Tuesday, each of the 13 districts now have ten days to conduct the testing of a total of eleven million inhabitants in the way. The time span In which all of the eleven million inhabitants tested to be remained open in the first place.

On Sunday and Monday a total of six new infections were registered in Wuhan for the first time in a month with the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. In the case of the Infected are elderly residents of a residential complex in the district of Dongxihu.


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Wuhan is actually considered to be “low risk”

In the Central Chinese industrial city of Wuhan in the end of 2019, was found to have the Coronavirus, for the first time in humans. To contain the Virus, Chinese authorities put the entire city for more than two months in quarantine. Since the lifting of the curfew a good four weeks ago, Wuhan is actually considered as a “low-risk” area. In the affected residential area, the infection was set on the risk level of “low” to “medium” high.

Wuhan recorded 3869 Corona-related deaths and by far the greatest proportion of deaths in the whole of China. The authorities officially assumed that the pandemic in the country is largely under control. However, precautions are taken to guard against a second wave of Infection.

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