China is trying Coronavirus curb

In China, the number of the newly discovered Coronavirus-induced deaths continues to grow. The Chinese health Department, according to hundreds of people with the flu are infected with a similar disease. In the meantime, the Virus has reached the United States. In Germany, the new disease, Doctors and authorities busy for days. The virologist Christian Drosten of the University hospital Charité in Berlin has developed a Test to Detect the novel coronavirus. “I didn’t even feel that this Situation is now overestimated. I think we need to take this very seriously. At the Moment, when the Whole should be then as easily controllable, in which we will tell in a couple of weeks, we have looked carefully. But I’m afraid the Whole will be with us for a long time.” The Virus that comes at the end of last year from the Central Chinese city of Wuhan, has spread to Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, as well as Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.