If guys have Boobs: where it comes from and what helps to reduce the size of the male breast

If men growing breast, that looks not only unmanly, it can put a serious cause behind it. Guilt can be common drugs, but also diseases, even breast cancer.

Breasts bobbing at every step, on every beach, in every indoor swimming pool observe. But often it is not the feminine curves, but male. Breast in men? The phenomenon is not so rare. Approximately every second person is affected at least once in his life over a longer period of time, or better said, suffers as a result.

Breast in a man is extremely effeminate

The enlarged breast affects the self-confidence massively, insecure. What works with women beautiful and erotic, looks at men, just effeminate and almost ridiculous. Affected often do not know where your top comes in wide, what you can do about it, or whether the breast development and could even be dangerous. Here are the answers to the important questions:

Why do some men have a right breast?

Many of the cause of Obesity is quite simple. The body stores fat in the breast tissue and breast forms. Medically, this is a male, fat-induced breast name of so-called pseudo-gynecomastia.

Often a beer belly and breast occur in the male, together. Beer makes the breast fat?

Yes, on the one hand, beer has many calories – half a Liter of 175 calories and a glass of beer it remains for some men, Yes especially in the summer. On the other hand, beer contains hops, the plant Estrogens. These female sex hormones can promote breast growth.

What is the role Estrogens play when the husband is a breast grows?

Also the male body produces this hormone in small quantities from the male hormone testosterone. In phases of life where the hormones surrounded and imbalance device, get men is often a female breast approach. This is about the age of puberty. After the end of this transition period, the breast will disappear.

But also from 50 years ago, for example, if the male change of use, a tendency for many men to Breast development. Medically the gynecomastia. In this case, the breast grows in glandular tissue and not fatty tissue as in the case of pseudo-gynecomastia.

However, if Obesity, puberty, and age do not apply – what are the causes for male breast?

There are many cosmetics that contain Estrogenic, herbal preparations or chemical substances that have hormone-like. Especially if the man is using them regularly, you can stimulate the breast growth. About lavender, soy, and preservatives such as parabens. Also, some of the agents against hormonally-induced hair loss in men can promote breast growth.

By the way, the estrogen-containing vaginal cream, the partner comes as a trigger in question, such as the University hospital of Munich reports Großhadern.

Can lead to a lot of men’s chest of medicines?

Many medicines have this side effect. Only the well-known anabolic steroids in sports are not part of learning, but also Everyday items, such as the blood-pressure-lowering drugs ACE inhibitors and calcium antagonists, gastric acid blocker such as omeprazole and tricyclic antidepressants, and heart medication with Digitalis.

Also drugs such as Cannabis, cocaine and amphetamines can give the man more chest.

The breast growth in man is always harmless or it can also put an illness behind it?

Sometimes a more serious reason. The breast growth occurs approximately in the case of liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis, Thyroid dysfunction and kidney weakness.

Also breast cancer in men is possible. Although there are only about 650 new cases. However, this cancer is mostly discovered late and, therefore, the treatment opportunities are not as good as in female breast cancer. Because a node in the chest or swelling of the men do not think of breast cancer, and to go late to the doctor.

What to do men, when you get a breast, or other changes to the chest to notice?

Especially node and changes that affect only one breast, should be rapidly cleared from the doctor. But also in a General breast augmentation, an investigation can help to find the causes, such as whether the thyroid is working properly, the kidneys and the liver. The underlying disease is treated, normalized to the chest.

In the case of medicines and cosmetics, you should also in the pharmacy, check whether they contain hormone-like substances. And if Overweight is the cause of the remarkable bust – slim and steels, the chest muscles with a sports. If you are already a bit older, succeed but poorly. The last option is liposuction (liposuction).