Penis cancer: ignore signs of self-mutilation

Many men don’t even know that there is this cancer at all, because it is a real taboo subject. In the early stage, the cure rate is high. The further he progressed, the more the risk of metastases and long-term increases in loss of erection, problems with urination, in the worst case, the loss of the organ.

Penile cancer affects up to one percent of all the men. The signs of penis cancer are easy to spot: redness, knots, a small ulcer, which is mainly on the glans and the foreskin, but the shaft of the penis can relate to.

In addition, the changes can itching or pain, don’t have to. “A sign of alarm, if skin, bleeding changes,” warns Bernhard Wörmann, Medical Director of the German society for Haematology and Medical Oncology and physician in the health center of the Charité Campus Virchow in Berlin.

The expert recommends to observe these changes accurately. “You disappeared after four weeks of not to be made, should go to the man to the urologist.” Cancer of the penis has in comparison to other types of cancer such as colon or lung cancer, the big advantage is, that the person can see him and he is growing invisibly in the body.

Wait can cost the Penis

Often men do not take advantage of this opportunity anyway. You ignore the clear early signs. “It takes on average several months, until you visit a urologist” reports Bernhard Wörmann from the practice. Average means that there are men who wait a year or even longer, until you let the symptoms clarify.

However, even if cancer of the penis grows relatively slowly in this period may have the cancer so far spread that in the worst case, a Penis Amputation is necessary. “To have to Wait a long self-mutilation in the end,” warns the expert dramatically.

Penis cancer: New therapies could replace the Operation

The Doctors have diagnosed by examining with the microscope, and a biopsy of a carcinoma of the Penis, to clarify, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computer tomography (CT), whether it has already spread to other organs.

In a tumor conference, various experts talk about the treatment plan. Until Recently, the Operation Standard. It is always tried, if possible, organ – and function-retaining action. Nevertheless, the risk was high, nerves were affected, parts of the Penis to the entire Organ needed to be removed. Therefore, cancer of the penis is certainly one of one of the man’s most burdensome diseases.

“In the meantime, also gewebsschonende surgery, irradiation, or Laser to establish, however,” says the expert. The great advantage of this new therapy options for cancer of the penis: the nerves and tissues are less affected. The Chance increases that potency, erection ability, and the Penis as an Organ to stay as far as possible receive.

Causes of penis cancer

In about 95 percent of the cases, the penis is due to the cancer by a plattenephitel carcinoma, a form of cancer that is known primarily for skin cancer. “However, it is penis cancer, skin cancer, even if it is formed (in part) on the skin,” explains Bernhard Wörmann. Squamous cell is the name for a form of Tissue that is in the body in many Places, such as in the lung or the oral cavity, esophagus, and skin.

The trigger for carcinoma of the Penis by two factors:

  1. “The most common cause is HPV, i.e. human papilloma virus, and including in particular the two high risk strains 16 and 18, the also cervical cancer (cervical cancer),” warns the expert.
  2. lack of penile Hygiene

Especially the form under the foreskin that builds up Smegma the Basis for cell mutations.

Some men have an increased risk for cancer of the penis

Especially men who have a foreskin narrowing (phimosis), are at risk, to get these men to cancer – simply because the back of the foreskin sliding is not possible and therefore also the cleaning of the underlying area is prevented. “These men have to remove, therefore at a higher risk for carcinoma of the Penis, and should be early on operate – that is, the foreskin is surgically,” says the oncologist.

A second risk group of HIV patients. Many of them are simultaneously infected with HPV and, presumably, the penile cancer risk is not added but multiplied, almost.

Penis cancer is easy to prevent

Certain prevention measures can protect the man against cancer of the penis. The first of these is the proper penis hygiene.

At least as important is the HPV vaccination, which was first to get only girl. Since the early summer of 2018, it is recommended by the STIKO, but also for boys from 9 to 14 years. It is important that the vaccination before the first sexual contact. As you know, the human papilloma viruses are transmitted during sexual intercourse. Around a third of adult men and women with high-risk types of HPV infected.

For adult males this vaccination, however, is hardly an Option. You should go ahead with blood tests, if not already in contact with HP has been virus, how the immune response was, and more.


Men should take changes on the Penis seriously and not ignore it. Detected early, the chances of penis cancer is currently over 90 percent. However, even if the cancer have disappeared after this: The biggest Problem with this type of cancer, the debilitating side effects and consequences posed by disease and Operation for the man, even if new, less invasive therapies to establish. In order to reduce for the next Generation of this risk, the HPV vaccination for boys and girls is the best Option.

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