5 Extreme Sex Positions That Really Aren't All That Difficult

Everyone wants to know how to make their sex life more exciting. But the truth is, spicing up your sex life doesn’t need to include elaborate role-playing or buying tonnes of sex toys. A simple change, such as trying a new position other than the standard missionary, can do the trick and boost your sexual ego, says sexologist Eric Marlowe Garrison, author of Mastering Multiple Position Sex.

But what if these positions look incredibly challenging, or better-suited to, well, more limber folk? Never fear, Garrison says. “Some people do extreme sex positions for the bragging rights, even if they’re not bragging to anyone else,” he says. But with a few minor adjustments, some of the most difficult — and stimulating — positions are a lot easier than they look.

Here’s how you can tackle five sex positions that you might be too scared to try at home, complete with tips for each one from Garrison.

1. The Crab

Garrison likens this position to the primary school crab walk. To start, one partner lays flat on the bed, while the other sits on top. The partner on top extends backwards until they are almost laying on their back. This position is great because it offers greater stimulation to the G-spot, says Garrison; plus, if one of you has mobility problems, it takes pressure off your knees.

2. The Wedge or the Slide

Start in the missionary position, one partner gets on their knees in prayer position, says Garrison. Then pulls the other partner up, so their upper back is resting on the bed with their stomach and groin elevated. You can use your partner’s thighs to support your weight if need be. This move doesn’t require a lot of thrusting and it allows for slower penetration, which can be very pleasurable, according to Garrison.

3. The Altered Wedge

A variation on the Wedge, this position doesn’t require as much core strength for the receiving partner. Lie down on a cushion or couch so you’re at about the same height as your pelvic area. Instead of your partner resting on your thighs, put your knees up over their shoulders. This position works well for couples who might have a few extra pounds, according to Garrison.

4. Standing Up

Everyone wants to try having sex standing up, but it’s not as easy as it may seem. Garrison recommends starting by having the penetrating partner standing with their back against the wall. Face them and straddle one of their legs. It’ll be easier for you to maintain their balance that way instead of having to straddle both.

5. The Washing Machine

In the movies, you’ll often see sex scenes where one partner has both legs wrapped around the other partner while they’re having sex standing up, says Garrison. But this isn’t easy for most people to do. Instead, he advises one partner to sit on something fairly high, like a washing machine, while the other person stands in front of them. That allows the seated person to easily wrap their legs around their partner’s torso.

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