Audrey Roloff Shamed for ‘Naked’ Photo of Her Daughter

Oh, no. Here we go again. It seems like poor Audrey Roloff can’t do anything right when it comes to sharing photos of life with her baby daughter, Ember, 10 months. We honestly aren’t sure what it is about the Little People, Big World star that makes the trolls go wild, as Roloff and her husband, Jeremy, just seem to be doing the normal parenting thing from what we can see. This time around, the trolls pounced on a recent Instagram photo of Jeremy and Ember in which baby Ember is sporting red cowboy boots, a white headband with a bow and a diaper, but no shirt.

Roloff even captioned the sweet papa-daughter pic, "If this photo doesn’t make your day, I don’t what will." Well, if "make your day" means "setting off a sweeping flash fire of incinerating judgment from mommy-shamers around the globe," then that certainly happened. But we think Roloff was hoping for a more positive reaction to the picture. And why not? I mean, people, it’s a picture of a chubby baby perched on her adoring father’s shoulder. 

And yet, commenters freaked the eff out. “You would think her mother would have put a cute top on her,” said one. Yes, because God forbid Daddy go and figure out which drawer the baby shirts are in. 

Another commenter channeled their inner Victorian ghost: “[Ember] might be cold while dad is wearing a long shirt and long trousers!” Or maybe it’s as hot there as it is here, and Dad is actually sweltering and wishing he could wear a diaper with his cowboy boots. You never know.

And don’t get us started on the pervert warnings. “Cute photo, but I would have never put my daughter’s pictures on social media without a top. Too many weirdos now a days. You gotta be afraid," cautioned one Debbie Downer.

"She is beautiful no doubt, in my city you get reported if you get a picture like this developed. I have a right to speak my mind, sorry. Maybe I’m old school, my husband and I never took pictures of our daughter unclothed. End of discussion…." griped another.

One commenter complained, "… naked baby not appropriate for social media, maybe private for home not public cover that baby up cute jeans or skirt think of yourself..would u want to be out there naked?"

Fortunately, Roloff also has loyal fans who frequently call out the shamers: "You cannot tell me your kids never walked around in just a diaper. All babies like to be naked. You cannot possibly believe that after this picture was taken that they left her in just a diaper and boots. Come on people."

Another chimed in, "GIVE THESE YOUNG PARENTS A BREAK!! The picture of a very proud Daddy #jeremyroloff & his beautiful daughter, #emberrose is as precious & sweet as one gets. Bringing up pedophiles is too harsh and takes away from the intent of the photo. I see everything sweet in this photo & I’m in a position where I generally see people at their worst; as an Emergency Trauma Surgeon. #audreyroloff you go girl!"

One fan wrote, "I feel so bad for [Audrey], she literally can’t catch a break lol. I don’t know why people constantly attack everything she does. Look at the comments, people are legit freaking out that the baby isn’t wearing a shirt." 

Just look at this happy mama and roly-poly morsel of a baby and breathe, trolls. Everything is going to be OK. We promise.

Seriously, this mom-shaming trend has got to stop, and we’d be happy to see it stop immediately with Audrey Roloff in particular. She is obviously in love with her adorable baby girl and husband. Go save the world if you’re so smart, trolls. Leave this Roloff trio alone already.

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