The most stunning properties of onion juice

Onion juice has so many advantages that we should have it in the kitchen. Unfortunately, most people on these properties, I have no idea.

Let’s start with the fact that onion juice improves the digestion, as in the onion contains dietary fiber inulin feeds the healthy bacteria in the gut. Also in the onion contains natural antihistamine quercetin, which prevents asthma and allergies. Quercetin is readily absorbed by the body and stays there for a long time, when compared with the same antihistamine from other foods. Onion juice is an excellent ingredient against colds and respiratory disorders. The fact that the onions prevents the formation of mucus in the air passages and thus protects health.

Bow is a great way to maintain strong bones. Studies have shown that its components prevent excessive loss of bone mineral density. Useful onion juice for hair because they contain some amount of sulfur, critical nutrients for hair growth. Unique components of the bow, it is ideal for bone health because it promotes blood flow in different tissue layers. Bow reduces the amount of sugar in the blood due to the contained chromium and allyl propyl disulfide.

Regular consumption of onion juice reduces cholesterol levels due to the sulfur components, chromium and vitamin B. This is useful for protecting the heart. Onion contains several types of sulfides that protects against the growth of neoplasms and reduces the risk of cancer of the esophagus, kidney, breast, prostate and larynx. Finally, the bow prevents infection of the mouth due to its antibacterial effects. (READ MORE)